That which ends

Takes the solitary climb

Upon the spiral staircase

Ever upward

Toward the black expanse of

The noontide waters of ubiquity

Always beyond the

Howling gale of birth

The tempest of adolescence

The ruminations of love

The empirical theory of lust

The enfeeblement of

Heart and limb

The last bereavement and

Defies the ticking clock of

Perpetual motion

Fools, autocrats and sweethearts

Betwixed and between

Delivery and expiration

Would given a half chance

Have it otherwise

Would adventure within the

The freeze framed canvas of

Reluctant circumstance

And glue themselves within

As would I for my beau

A flawless endowment

With which to

Bring down the curtain

Upon my own collapse


15 thoughts on “A FLAWLESS ENDOWMENT

    1. To gift a place in a frozen time frame I think would be the best thing to leave behind……not sure how the legal boys could word it in the Will though!
      Also, this one was meant to be two paragraphs yet the new WordPress posting think kept taking the gap away – have you noticed that – it must play havoc with verse!

      1. The legal boys problem I’m sure!

        Not really sure what exactly happened with the formatting with you. I do notice sometimes the spacing messes up on me. What I do is I hit delete until the lines (which were meant to be on under another) are on the same line with the cursor just before the line meant to go beneath, and then hit shift and enter. You may have to repeat this so all verses line up. Don’t know if this helps at all!

      2. I shall try – thank you. I do rather like your sentence, ‘Not really sure what exactly happened with the formatting with you’ – as did Shirley!

      1. I bet you’re not… If you were, you’d recognize how to fix stuff that bothers you.

        On a different note, when I write poetry or stuff that I want with no spaces in between lines or whatever, I open a Notepad document, and type it in there, then copy it over to WordPress. For whatever reason, that holds the spacing format (though it doesn’t hold bold or italics like Word does).

      2. I think I just worked out how to get back into my dashboard – they took the link away so I’ve had to go around the houses to find it! All should be well again.

      3. Well, I notice that if I go through a post to edit, it gives me that new editor but if I go through the dashboard, it gives me the classic view which i like much better. It’s much easier to figure out than all that HTML code. 🙂

      4. The new screen they put up here just two days ago made finding the dashboard really difficult – I have to now go through 3 screens to get there! Nuisance yet at least I’ve worked it out now.

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