‘Baby needs new shoes’

His pitiable cry

An almost prayer

The dice of material fate



Come to rest

Dice always were his nemesis


Change tack

An alternate game of chance

His latest supplication


He met her just the one time

On a jaunt to the casino

Aviation Club de France

Champs-Elysées he recalls

She charming the dealer

He inadvertently donating to

The Casino’s coffers

Poker was never his strong suit


She saved his bacon

Kept the pit boss at arm’s length

He fell for her of course


‘You are a prayer come true,

Got me on an even keel,

Can’t thank you enough’


‘Your god of jeopardy is

But a sleep-well lullaby’

Her riposte


She told him she would take of her leave


‘So soon?’


‘I save but one soul a day

Count your blessings,

Besides, Deauville beckons’


Foolish and smitten

Intoxicated and spellbound he

A wannabe lap dog

Accompanied her to the station

Carried her luggage

Waved farewell

No goodbye kiss

Too soon since they had first met

Manners applied

He was, after all

A gentleman


Forty years on

Her face crystal clear

Embedded in memory

Fresh as a daisy still

He thinks of her often

A one sided encounter

More hope than promise


She had saved a drowning man



      1. Where do you think I get my male characters for my skits from? All my blokes miss out on opportunities staring them in the face – ’tis the curse of our nation.

  1. Excellent … These verses truly stand out:
    “No goodbye kiss/Too soon since they had first met
    Manners applied/He was, after all
    A gentleman”
    Thanks for sharing!, best wishes , Aquileana 😀

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