Cheek by jowl

The restless pigeons

Watch and wait

Wait and watch

‘No croissant crumbs today guys’

He breakfasts only on

Steaming expresso and nicotine


He contemplates this and that

Avoiding the issue at hand

Always dodging that topic

Puts it on the back burner

For now


Takes the round

The houses walk

Homeward bound

She does not need to

See him like this

Not again…….it is unfair

She deserves better


There is no rationale to

That which arrives

Out of the blue

Clear skies remission over

A dark malignancy flourishes

In the bone marrow of

His divine substance


He watches her from the doorway

The washing machine spins

A kettle boils as

She rescues a spider from the sink

Spins on her slippers



‘You’re not normal you know’

He nods an affirmative

Nod of palpable regret

Still she smiles

‘It doesn’t matter though,

It will pass, you know that,

Always does’


‘How do you put up with me?’

She ponders over that question

For just a moment

Pad of forefinger

Resting quizzically upon

Pursed lips

Head to one side

‘You make me laugh most times,

Oh……that and the fact you are,

The love of my life.

Will that do?’


A lump of remorse

In the throat of this

Desolate joker


She deserves better


21 thoughts on “THE DESOLATE JOKER

      1. Nice one – mostly I am on the cusp of normal; just the curse of being occasionally over the edge overwhelms for a little while. No big deal I guess. Thankfully Shirley knows me well.

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