witch 1

Constant the pre dusk din

From the Corvus rookery

Come the rise of the moon

They shall settle

All will be quiet


Come the rise of the moon

She who’s pact with the

Sublunary world

Carries, legend has it

The emblem of

The diabolical mark

Rises to the hoot of the owl

Makes for the forest of reverie

Where the Shamans

Talk with the spirits

Where the pentangle altar

Her keep safe talisman

Is furrowed within the detritus


She shall drink from the chalice

And share with the harmonious

Offering a prayer of sorts

That the Goddess

Makes herself known this night


‘An harm ye none

Do what ye will’

Her incantation

The Rule of Threefold Return

Will keep her honest


In the village they gather

A horde conceived of

Perplexed vexation

Flaming torches to

Light their way


To the tune of curses

They march behind

He, the bestial deviant

Who would have them believe

In the name of his God

She means them mischief

Hostile their bias

Malevolent their firm intent


The God fearing fear

She who is peculiar

She who they do not

Envisage emblematic


Autumn yielded no harvest

The outsider quests solo

She, the one they call the witch

Must be arraigned

And for the sake of fair justice

Have the womenfolk find

The diabolical mark


In the morn she will burn

The seed of the bestial deviant

Will preserve his kind

In perpetuity



    1. Thank you for reading…….I remain unsure where this piece came from which is unusual for me……it, as with the title simply smacked me in the face…..I wasn’t sure of the quality yet posted it regardless…….strange things happen occasionally I think! Odd though.

      1. Oddly (why oddly?) until recent years Halloween was a nothing occasion in the UK – we have now been Americanized and much money is wasted on plastic bits and pieces; cheep Haribo sweets and inadequate masks – such is life. I suspect you are safe.

    1. Cheers Linda – meant to comment on that post of yours today yet the wife dragged me off to Folkestone no less. I really must catch up with your posts properly – rest assured I will!

      1. I looked up Folkestone. Looks like a wonderful place to be dragged off too! Hope you had fun. There’s not much going on with my blog of late. I’m only on a couple times a week at most. Buy hey! You’re going great guns, Mike! You’re really in the flow!

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