Coincidence has brought together

Well healed frivolous young ladies

And dullard scapegoat casualties

High society one and all

In muted auditory

They swap awkward tales


They conspire and manoeuvre

Contrive and make plots

To avenge

For revenge

The crimes of

The philanderer


He, the one who

In chronological progression

Stole their hearts

Left them desolate

Left them hollow

In soul if not always in belly

And always shunned

Heartbreak in his wake


This gaggle of gals

Are judge and jury

Trial in absentia

Sentence passed


That he has been found out

He is unaware

That he has been convicted

He will never know

Until it be too late

Until the epée severs


27 thoughts on “THE PHILANDERER

      1. ‘Tuesday Lobsang Rampa’ (think that’s how you spell it) did years ago – it was the hippies bible until one day they discovered he was a charlatan! I can only remember the name of a couple of his books – The Third Eye & Journeys With My Cat! Worth a peek if for nothing more than the lunacy of it all.

  1. YIKES! If it severed what I think it did… And isn’t an epee a blunted blade, so they’d have had to really saw away at that thing to sever it! *CRINGE* Excellent verse, my friend!

    1. Epee is French for sword so I’m hoping it’s not that blunt – poor chap; twas fun seeing this poem evolve as I went along picturing how the ladies would handle the situation if they all met up. It was prompted by a tale I read in the newspaper the other week about a young lad running four girlfriends all at the same time. Problem was he made some errors with his cover up story and the girls all met up and found they rather liked each other. The lad was on holiday alone in Spain at the time – what a shock he got at the airport when he arrived home meeting the four gals plus the press throng they had with them!

      1. That’s awesome! Actually, it sounds a lot like my ex-husband, though, we would have all been pregnant with his baby at the same time we confronted him. (Yes, really.)

        Okay, the French epee works well then… I was thinking of the epee that’s the fencing sword.

      2. Actually you are correct – just looked it up it is a fencing sword – all these years I thought it was French for a bladed sword – bollocks that’s rather thrown the ending!

      3. Can’t do crossword puzzles – never finished one ever! Shirley does hundreds; plays scrabble online etc. etc. Even failed at the kids picture crossword in the newspaper once – a picture of a shoe I think!

      4. Cryptic ones – not a chance. General knowledge fine so long as someone reads out the questions – it all goes pear shaped if I look at the crossword!

    1. Cheers Sir – you write superbly by the way. I do not take on the roll of a ‘serial liker’ – bad form and all that – but I do read blogs I follow for 2 hours each day and yours is one I always read.

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