‘A STING IN THE TAIL’ – My affair with Marta Hari!


Marta Hari, quite the dancer

So nimble on your feet

Marta Hari, double agent

You didn’t need to cheat


Paris 1905

You took the place by storm

Your style was Egyptian

Though you didn’t just perform


Promiscuous, flirtatious

You rode the circus horse to fame

Captivated audiences

To you art was a game


A thousand lovers, me among them

You took to your bed

Diplomats; Ambassadors

Yet none of them you wed


Provocative young lady

Young lady chasing fame

Your reputation went before you

To you there was no shame


But oh those secrets we did gather

As spies before that Great War

I was loyal to our cause

But you always wanted more


Notoriety, so you dabbled

Playing one against the other

In the Game of Nations

One must be loyal to one’s brother


H 2 1 your code name

For operations clandestine

A double agent for the Germans

Hence treason was your crime


In the end I grassed on you

To the French you see

The reason was quite simple

You gave me an STD!

Marta Hari was executed by firing squad on the 15th. October 1917 – 97 years ago yesterday!  I posted a version of this a year ago when I first started blogging – thought a revised verse might be worthwhile now.


12 thoughts on “‘A STING IN THE TAIL’ – My affair with Marta Hari!

    1. Prudent that you added the bit in brackets as I would likely not have had a clue what you were talking about. However I really cannot believe you time travelled back to 1915 seeking out a Sophic relationship with Marta Hari and in doing so became…….’unwell’. Plainly you are just kidding me for we know you are as pure as the driven snow!

  1. HA! That was AWESOME! And the funny thing was, before I got to the end, I was planning my comment which was GOING to be: “A thousand lovers? I sure hope you used protection and adopted the ‘no glove, no love’ motto!” Bravo, Sir Mike! ❤

    1. Marta Hari real life story is one that fascinates me and facets of it would fit in the dark tales you are fond of – especially so as her life was entwined in events just pre WW1 – although thinking about it your book is set in WW2 I recall. Anyway she’s worth reading up on – odd she danced with a flesh body stocking and never took her top off yet no one back them seemed to realize that!

    1. Always do my research! Marta Hari was quite a gal – yet it seems she may not necessarily a double agent which does make her death more than a little sad I think. Thanks for the read – have a good day – ’tis raining here!

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