Two Parisian mime artists were they

They mimed on the street every day

Yet hard as they tried, great effort applied

They found that their act didn’t pay


And so it was that they thought

‘We’re sick of working for naught

We need something new, so the punters do queue

Then we’ll not be quite so distraught’


That’s when they decided to grow

Turn their act into a ‘variety show’

So they phoned agencies; even begged on their knees

To have them send round Marilyn Munro


Yet the boys were in for a shock

The girl they sent round was of stock

More suited to burlesque, preferably wearing a vest

Neck downwards the stumbling block


Her face they decided was fine

In truth it suited their mime

Yet from the neck down, they had cause to frown

Eric said, “This one’s yours, mate not mine!”


Editorial Note: My apologies to any ladies out there thinking this silly verse a tad sexist – it is but a stab at humour.  Young or old, large or small I believe the female of our species the loveliest beings upon the planet (true that is by the way). 

PS: This is a rejigged version of a limerick penned a year ago.




  1. Well they are mimes after all, what do they expect? Of they wanted the real deal (or even close) they might want to consider a different profession like dancers in the Chippendale revue in Vegas, say…

    1. I used to write captions a lot when I started blogging before I bumped into Clive and realized I liked writing skits! It does feel like cheating looking back……much more comfortable to write a skit and select a pic later as the hook to get the reader to read I think.

      1. Really? I figured you HAD to do it the other way around. I mean, I’d never expect in a million years that you’d just be able to Google and find photos of some of the bizarre things you write about if you were looking for them specifically. I imagined you stumbled across the photos in other searches and then saved them until such a time as you were inclined to write about them. 🙂

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