Wave Of Apathy Sweeps Nation As Satirical Mag Announces Halloween Edition

In point of fact Arsene Wenger reads this mag whilst taking a number two! He told me himself he thinks it’s ‘quality’ – bloody shame he can’t read English really!

The League of Mental Men!

soz halloween edition FP

I bet you can’t wait can you? *cocks pistol*

There was practically no reaction at all on Tuesday of this week as Soz Satire, a satirical magazine famed for it’s anonymity and risibly poor content, announced the forthcoming launch of their Halloween edition.

Editor-in-chief, Clivey Dee, 21, told an empty press conference in York Hall Bethnal Green.

“The lack of reaction has been absolutely astonishing. We haven’t been as studiously ignored as this since we launched the Bumper Xmas Edition in 2012! In fact I’d go as far as to say that the sheer apathy, combined with a kind of hurtful refusal to even acknowledge our existence, has taken our breath away.

“To be honest we can’t wait to get cracking on the November Guy Fawkes issue. The prospect of miserably  looking at the turgid viewing stats each day, and the crestfallen looks on the faces of the writers when…

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6 thoughts on “Wave Of Apathy Sweeps Nation As Satirical Mag Announces Halloween Edition

    1. Funnily enough of all the nutters who knock on doors selling religion the only one’s I have any respect for is the old Sally Army – at least they actually do stuff to help those on their uppers rather than just talk about it. It should be a good issue I think.

      1. You get a lot of people selling religion door to door there? Here, we mostly only get the Mormons knocking. When we see them on their bicycles in the neighborhood, we turn the lights off and hide.

        I volunteered at the Salvation Army soup kitchen once…and left with the worst case of head lice I’d ever heard of before or after that! I ended up having to get two different prescription shampoos because the (several rounds of ) over-the-counter stuff didn’t work, and had to have some of them surgically removed from where they embedded under my skin! (True story!) Thankfully that was the only time I ever had to encounter the vermin, except a couple of times when my daughter picked it up at school when she was little.

      2. Being a seaside town with a fishing and naval history i.e. always the risk of live’s being lost at sea etc. religious groups historically tend to gravitate toward us here. Jehovah Witnesses aplenty – probably get at least one a week at the front door. One, a lady in perhaps her 80’s even put her foot in the doorway the other day so as I couldn’t shut it while she went on and on and on how wicked I was being an atheist – because of her age I remained studiously polite. Every summer we get teams of Mormons – always American lads in smart suits stopping us in the street – they can be fun though as I always start off telling them I’m devout…..it’s when they ask what religion I’m devout about the fun starts. The thing is I don’t want to cross anyone – they can believe what they like – they should simply accept that I don’t knock on their doors so they shouldn’t knock on mine!

      3. WOW! That’s insane! LOL! I wonder when the woman put her foot in your door, if you’d have just turned your back and wandered back inside, if she’d have had the nerve to actually follow you into your house! With religion – ANY religion – I kind of believe that the best way to “recruit” others is to behave in a way that will make them want to know more and be like you…And if you’re annoying them, you’re just turning them further away. I’ve actually met people who asked me if I believe in God, Jesus, etc., then when I say yes, they then proceed to tell me I don’t believe as much as I should and they proceed to preach and force their literature at me. I then smile and tell them if I was on the fence about believing, then I most surely would NOT after their display. Try telling them that next time…It usually leaves them speechless.

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