kiss 2

When crimson satin meets

Medallion augmented uniform

Without monetary exchange

Then you know a war is won

An armistice set in stone

A time for revelry

Wanton the survivors

Such is the hyper sexuality

Of victors coming home

And those who greet

Disinterred heroes


Another time; another place

Before the war perhaps?

Crepuscular the cat

The cat that toyed with

The fluttering butterfly

She who stuck around too late

A twilight chilling of her wings

Abated her flight

As circumstance left her

Upon his domain

She was his for a little while

He, hers


In both instances

Determined satyr couples

Willing maenad

Panmixia their curse and

Gratification their

Mutual pleasure

Always set to end in tears

Such is the nature of coition


In latter times

Those halcyon days of caducity

Nostalgic deliberation

That the young

One day will come to know

She thumbs through her

Decrepit diaries

Smirks as the flood gates open

And a tide of memories

Are discharged


She mulls over her past

Concludes she would not

Change a single thing

If she could live it all again


That he had once tried to

Clip her wings

Tarnished the

Dazzling masochism

Of his present

Wallowing in fresh

Solitary sorrow

Born of remembrance

He knows it is too late

To grieve what might have been

Far too late of course

The passage of time

Has seen to that


A little seasoning perhaps

A pinch of devotion permitted

In the recipe for love

Maybe things would have turned out


For better or worse

He will never now know


36 thoughts on “DECREPIT DIARIES

      1. Nice outlay you got on that post. Something concrete and complex too. Always a pleasure reading your scribbles. Keep in touch.

        Regards: James

    1. Like any one who writes stuff – you will know this better than me – there is self doubt about the quality of what one has penned. Yet for once I quite liked this one – the first verse I thought to be perhaps the best thing I’ve written – I can, of course name a thousand bad things I have written also – I’m still staring at that Bobby Bob Bob skit thinking shall I post….shall I not…..Must be a month I been pondering that point!

      1. Then stop wondering and post it! It’s TIME for some Bobby Bob Bob as well as our man Carruthers and Jessica as well as the cheese ghost, to name but a few! πŸ˜€

        As for you and self doubt, STOP IT! Your writing is awesome. Seriously. Your poetry is magical and you’re just being too self-critical for your own good.

      2. Or course when you create art, even writing which is an art form, it is sujective to the viewer/listener/reader. Silly, funny, excellent, stinky, etc., are all in the eye of the beholder. In my humble opinion, Jim Carrey is a silly man, but I don’t think he’s funny. At all. Ever. Jack Black is a funny man, who at times, can be silly. And when he’s silly, he’s not necessarily funny. Bob Newhart is always funny, even when he’s serious. My point is, in my opinion, “silly” is when it’s overdone to the point of being so far fetched not one point is believable. I don’t think any of your skits have the quality of being too overcooked. They have a bit of a stretch, but have so many human qualities that they become quite funny indeed.

      3. Jim Carrey – Dumb & Dumber is a well liked movie over here although I’m not keen on others of his films I did like that one. The scene at the end where a coachload of scantily clad girls seek directions and the two men make a hash of it amused me. Yet you are correct ‘silly’ is rarely funny. Best funny film ever has to be The Life of Brian – I think I can recite every line and have bored people senseless over the years with it – a work of genius though in terms of concept i.e. some poor sod who just happens to be born in the stable next to Christ to the story that unfolds as to how that fact cursed his life thereafter.

      4. I’ve never heard of The Life of Brian. But I can imagine you would like the scantily clad scene of D&D. πŸ˜‰ I want to know more about this new Carruthers & Chum material coming out!

      5. Never heard of The Life of Brian! The Python’s greatest work – best comedy film ever made no less! As to Carruthers & Chum they appeared in the new issue of the mag that went out last Friday and will appear weekly thereafter – short short skits in the traditional stupid style. Clive asked for them and they are a joy to write in this format.

      6. They’ll appear weekly forever or just this month? Will you also post them on your blog? Will they continue from when his twins were born or focus more on the Foreign Office? I just read the one you sent the link to and loved it of course. πŸ™‚ (But then, you already knew I would.)

      7. Presently one a week on the mag – will run them on the blog one day but don’t want to clash with the mag. As they are in the original format I am still free to go back to Carruthers home life etc. and tell the tales of Deirdre and Svetlana!

      8. YAY! That’s great news! We still need to have our interview with him. Have you given it any more thought? Or probably not with all you’ve had going on with the house and all. Have there been any more viewers or do they wait until the weekend?
        By the way, what ever happened with the hotel and the iPad? Did they decide to pay? And what’s been going on with G. and his music? You haven’t posted any new songs lately.

      9. We gave up on the hotel thing after the police said they could do no more – although I have given them a shit review on all the trip websites!
        G has dried up on the music front – although I heard him doing something on his Ableton Push in the style of a classic grand piano that sounded rather beautiful. He is finding it really hard to get a job – one advisor told him to take his first class uni degree off his CV as it makes employers think he’s over-qualified! He’ll get there one day though – lots of teaching jobs out there yet with his dyslexia and colour blindness he is reluctant to go that route.
        We have yet another house viewing in about an hour and should get some feedback later today – I think some very posh bloke from London may wel buy this as his holiday home though.
        And yes, the Carruthers interview – the only reason I put that on hold was to get myself out the hole I dug with his twins by different mothers. As soon as I resolve that little issue it will be as they say in the UK ‘Game On.’

      10. As for Carruthers’ hole, just remember that if nothing else, you can always fall back on the “Who Shot J.R. Ewing” thing and make him wake up fro a bad dream.

        As for G, what kinds of jobs is he applying for if he’s not going for teaching? He’s very talented. I hope he doesn’t get too anxious over finding the right job as I’m sure it will find him soon enough.

        As for the hotel, did you write them a letter yet and also the travel company? I really think the travel company is a good bet. If you’d like, I’d be more than happy to author a legal letter for you. I’d just suggest that you include a copy of the police report. If you want me to, just email me on Facebook with the date of the incident as well as the location address and I’ll get started. Can’t hurt, might help and all it will cost you is the price of a stamp. πŸ™‚

        So even when you get someone else to buy your house again, you still have to wait for the crazy cat lady, right?

      11. Might have used the Dallas get out of jail card on today’s post!
        As to G I am trying to get him to take any old job and wait till we move for there is space for a half decent studio there – but only if he starts networking; a thing he loathes. We’ll see!
        As to that wretched hotel I decided we don’t need the stress – thanks for the offer by the way. As an insomniac I know all the triggers that make it worse and this problem was right up there – I’ll just put it down to experience.
        You are spot on re the house yet although we have been looking at alternatives – some in much posher areas; some much prettier on the outside – this old lump we found does have – bathrooms included – 17 rooms and a worthwhile garden; rewired; new top of range boiler etc. etc. and is at a price that will give us enough profit to do the place up well. Catch 22 presently.

      12. I loved the Dallas thing on today’s post! I’m glad Jessica’s back. πŸ™‚
        G will have to either accept networking is part of the territory or else hire or barter with someone else who can network for him. (Again, he might want to talk to Jeremy about it.)
        I understand about the stress/insomnia thing. “Choose your battles wisely.” I end up dropping issues like that all the time rather than deal with the aftermath of the ulcers I’d undoubtedly get.
        That really stinks about the house! But perhaps while all this time has passed, a better house came on the market? πŸ™‚

      13. G will need some assistance in that regard I think – the world outside his head seems of little interest to him. I shall have another chat. He is by the way a kind chap with a sense of humour. As to a better house oddly and although a bit smaller two very interesting properties came on to the market just yesterday – if we get a new buyer (more viewings this pm) then things might start to happen – especially so as one of the new properties is empty and ready to move into quickly!

      14. Oh, that’s wonderful! Will you be penalized if you pull out of that other house you were waiting for? Does this one have a good garden for Shirl? Have you seen them in person yet or only on paper/computer? Are they closer to the place you live now or the place you were going to be moving? Are they near the sea?

      15. No penalty for pulling out pre contract in England. Haven’t seen either save for video tour online as we don’t want to get our hopes up pre getting a sale and you never know something may have happened on our preferred house – although I doubt it. Both the places we spotted are a little further from the sea but are in the better bit of Dover – one seems to have glorious views of the castle. There is another rather nice 6 bedroom one in Dover also yet it has street parking which is not ideal – fabulous garden though. I’ll keep you posted.

      16. Sadly the online photo’s flattered both properties – horrible places they were. We should get an update of the progress of selling our place today though – that is if anyone makes it to work in the storm that’s blowing outside!

      17. As Bob Dylan might have penned, ‘Buckets of Rain’! Still we have managed a coffee at Svetlana’s cafe in Dover – except she wasn’t there today – do hope she hasn’t moved on.

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