holding hands

Dog days of summer

Gothic spires and cobblestones

A frantic accordion

The plum stains upon

Simple white tablecloths

Spilled house red

For the main part


Cigarette butts and chitter chatter

A café full

The clamour of the greedy

The mirth of friends and lovers

A promenade of Mademoiselles

Not a table to be had

Inside or out


They walk on by

Hand in hand

She and he

Sharing the silence

Of seasoned lovers

Amidst the affable hiss of

The old town


‘I wasn’t that hungry anyway’

‘Nor me’


A bargain basement auberge

Fan light left open

A little previous the moth

Mistakes an early evening

Lit candle for the moon


Clean sheets and



They live a little in the twilight

Live some more after sunset

Divine the transparency

Of radiant enduring cravings



  1. Very visual and pretty. Agree with previous poster.

    Shop talk: would make a smart 1500 prose as well. People like the sincerity writes. Here you are atmospheric and evocative. Sad too, I think.

    1. Stab in the dark if the truth be told – the missus and I are regularly doing stuff/staying in France coupled with the fact that we are joined at the hip (so to speak) the stab evoked another memory of not that long ago.

    1. I just enjoy writing these stories within the poetry format – certainly to tell the tales as in a book would take forever. Yes the freedom of poetry is a thing that appeals more and more.

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