1. That was hysterical! With the build-up you had, I saved this ’til last in my catching up, but it was worth the wait (just like dessert). The ending was just hilarious, but the whole thing rocked! You always crack me up with the Whore of Babylon and the used condoms in the whale’s belly was to die for! 😀 Great work!

    1. I notice over the years Leonard Cohen – a particular favourite of mine gives Babylon a mention in his work although thus far he’s not used used condoms! I do like the concept though of Biblical characters in a pub having a chat with the landlord about their day!

      1. Yes, that and giving them cars was funny, but I still like them using iPads and Facebook best of all. 😀 There was a Biblical parody movie in 2009 called “Year One” with Jack Black. Did you see it? If not, I think you’d love it for sure. (Did you get to see any of those other movies I recommended yet?)

      2. Haven’t seen but I bet George has – a fan of Mr Black you see. I still have the notes on the recommended movies – now winter is upon us it is more the time for watching films again – plus the little TV we watch has seen some fabulous drama’s we’ve been avidly following. It will be done though.

      3. Certainly will – we – Shirl and I – are minded to watch a few films gain – more so as winter well set in soon although presently for late October we are still getting temps in the high teens and yesterday we hit 20 degrees!

      4. LOL! Well, you know we’re backward here in the States! We use miles, not kilometers, square feet for a house, not meters, and cups, teaspoons, etc. for coking and not litres. So of course, we use Fahrenheit. 😀 Low 60s sounds perfect! I’m on my way!

      5. I think centigrade is our only excursion into metric here – although thinking about it fruit and veg are served in kilo’s, but that’s about it! It is due to stay warm yet pour with rain today in the South East. Thursday is looking good and I feel a bit of French shopping coming on as I’m running low on wine!

      6. I never cook from recipes – I adore cooking yet it annoys both Shirl and G that I do it by eye and smell! Just last evening they told me the Chicken Korma I fashioned was better than any restaurant – couldn’t eat it myself and apologies for boasting yet I was rather chuffed they both thought it so good!

      7. Yeah, you can cook without a recipe, but baking is more scientific and needs measurements. I don’t use recipes to cook much either, which tends to make my people angry because I can’t always duplicate the same taste twice!

        Don’t apologize for boasting…if you can cook good food that you don’t even eat and they love it, then you’re doing it right! Good for you! (But I still say Shirley needs to buy you a Kiss the Cook chef’s hat and apron.) I don’t eat most of what I cook either, because if I cook for Michelle or Jeremy or for company, it probably has meat in it. They say I make a mean lobster shrimp bisque which I get requests for, but which I won’t go near with a 10 foot spoon! LOL!

      8. She’d say the hat was ‘cute’ I feel sure! You don’t get Quorn (fungi based micro protein – over there do you? High protein, zero fat, very low calorie stuff and very versatile to cook with – it was the main item I ate when losing all that weight years ago. You can do so much with it.

      9. I’ve never heard of Quorn, but that doesn’t man we don’t have it here. It sounds a lot like tofu, though. I ate a lot of soy (tofu) for years until I became allergic to soy protein. I think I’ll have to look this Quorn up and see what it is and where I can get some. 🙂

      10. My Canadian friends daughter – a veggie – worked a year or so in London and became addicted to it yet it is not on sale in Canada…not sure about the States though.

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