Without him a terraqueous globe

Cognizant life forms

At each other’s throats

Such outrageous brutality

Born of vapid belief

An improbable conviction

A problematic certainty

False objectivity

A barren hypothesis


Within this mere sophist

Also a plenitude of rumination

More often than not

Profound and pessimistic enough

To prompt the onset of

Wretched insomnia


Others meditations so miniscule

That to retain them would be

To catch a firefly alive

By gentle hand


These infinitesimal reflections

Were his finest

Yet generally lost to him

As quickly as they appeared



Yet the thrust of his unprompted

Train of thought

In its wake does

Blemish the living soul

Call it an undeniable particle

A flake even

If you care to name it thus

Always remained


In the here and now

In the buckle of the Bible belt

And upon the magnet

For the radicalised filings

That is the Middle East

Where faith holds sway

Over sanity and logic

Over the day to day

Workings of politics

Sectarianism flourishes

The macro of faith

Damages far beyond

The contradiction of belief and

The scriptures of purported rectitude


And yet, in other places

Places where the geniality

Of indifference

Toward colour and creeds

The blessed secular mongrel pet

Affronts not pure bred

Rational thought and is

Unencumbered mostly

Free from the shackles of legend

Chronicled as legitimate


He takes to his bed

Acumen bruised

In the certain knowledge

So vehement are the believers

So devout are they

That common sense is

A concept too far


A while later

Following an incomplete sleep

Upon waking

He dismisses those

Capacious thoughts

Of the previous day

Bereft of eloquence

Lost to a hangover

A knock at his door

A caller ignores the

No Hawker’s sign

Seeks a new convert

Chose the wrong day

Chose the wrong man



  1. Did this come from our conversation about the Jehovah’s Witness lady coming to your door? If so (or even if not) this is superb! The things you find that inspire you to write such beautiful poetry always fascinates me! 🙂

    1. Funnily enough it did – well the ending was changed following our conversation. Originally I had dealt only with the macro of religion yet after we spoke I slipped in the micro. On reflection a bit unfair on believers for it is at the micro end where their faith is a one to one thing with the specific believer that I have no problem with religion at all – the problems begin when the religions all claim their own to be the only true one and that sets them at each others throats whereupon everything goes horribly wrong.

      1. Well, that and they also forget that they are likely chasing people away rather than recruiting them when they get to be overbearing zealots who won’t allow people time to think about it.

      2. Not had any at the door this week so far yet in Dover at the weekend a Jehovah’s Witness in a wheel chair did try to hand me a leaflet – I remained polite as did he. Almost forgot two Jehovah’s had a punch up in the streets of Dover according to the local paper! Wish I’d seen that – priceless!

      3. WHOA! That’s funny! Or sad! 🙂 And it’s good to know you didn’t try to stick a broom through the wheels of the wheelchair-bound JW or push him over the curb into the sewer. I’m glad you restrained yourself.

    1. True – I worked hard on this although in the last house move the Oxford went missing leaving me only with a Collins – not the same! Also sincere (genuine I stress) apologies. ‘Tis this ISIS/IS whatever they call themselves that is getting me down – well that and the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons who keep knocking on my front door – Deal, Kent where we live is an old Marines town with fishermen also and historically in such places where the sea is then and now a constant danger the extremes of religion always flourish!

      1. ISIS and Al Qaeda belong to an evil species that transcends religion – joined by the likes of Hitler and Stalin – as for the doorknockers, I just roll a few marbles onto my front steps when I see them coming

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