I hear you shed a tear for Mussolini

How very little I knew of

The workings of your mind

The night seed embraced egg


Then later

You, your heart in one hand

A cigarette in the other

Your eight months

Tumescent belly

A radiance I think was lost to you

Though not I

Laying down the law

As only the naïve and

Passionate know how


You did passion well

Perhaps too well!


Still, even back then

Laughing at the curse of

Your expectant recurrent

Need to ‘Powder your nose’

And grateful the sickness

Had long since dissipated

Still donned your Wellington’s

Still walked your brace of Briard’s

And your two hearts within

Mile upon mile

No matter how chilly

Was the birth of the new day

The fact you were immersed in

The predictable news of

The Italo-Abyssinian War

Kept you warm


Why leave as you did?

The genesis of a fresh life

To be delivered up

Elsewhere, in place kept secret?

I never did fathom

Your modus operandi

Likely never will


By the way

I do not hold a grudge

Your imperial cause

Long since lost

Your defamed hero

Now consigned

To sceptical history


It is easier to forgive

The vanquished I find


The child though?

Boy, girl, stillborn?

What became of he or she?

You owe me on that one

It has taken a lifetime

To find you again


The lemon groves

Still pine for you

Though I no longer do


16 thoughts on “A TEAR FOR MUSSOLINI

  1. Sir, you continue to amaze me with your poetic skills. You transport me intellectually and emotionally into the world your poems create. I love the same era you do in regards to WW1 and 2, not the wars, mind, just that those eras for some reason. Thus, your poems radiate strongly with my sense of nostalgia and within my emotive heart. Well done.

    1. Cheers for that – this one is simply a tale an old posh chap told me in a pub years ago. He had lived in Italy with his young lady – a far right girl by all accounts – who left him just before their child was due…..took him a lifetime to find her again. Sad old tale really.

    1. Cheers – I just this minute mentioned to another that it is based upon a tale a rather well oiled old Italian chap told me in a pub years ago. He had just found the lady in question – her name had come up in a broadsheet – and he was about to send her a letter. Given he was pretty much in his cups when talking with me and the fact we never again met means I’ll never know if he sent her the note he proposed.

    1. You’ve rather made my day – thank you. Yes indeed it is based on the ramblings of an old man some years ago (I had found myself ‘at the bar’ and enjoyed his company. Shame I never bumped into him again – such is life.

    1. Cheers – the last bit was guess work I must confess. The old boy, albeit years ago was still contemplating a letter. Cheers for the read. Trust your team kicks on tomorrow.

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