Mob Attack Offices Of Satirical Magazine As Wave Of Apathy Turns Nasty

This is the place all the new ‘Carruthers & Chum’ tales now feature no less! Plus, of course the insane musings of Lord Daniel Soz 7th Earl of Whitechapel, Gary ‘Ronaldo’ Hoadley, Juan Inchcock, Basil the Roswell Alien’s best friend and a host of fallen angels – ’tis worth a read!

The League of Mental Men!

Soz Offices

The plush, Soz Satire Office, looking resplendent, shortly before being attacked by a baying mob

A baying mob of over 200 furious bookworms and newsagents last night stormed the offices of the controversial satirical magazine, Soz Satire, following the launch of their eagerly anticipated, Halloween edition.

Wielding burning torches, pitchforks and assault rifles, the mob entered the building just before midnight, smashing everything they could get their hands on and setting fire to the office cat. First reports claim that thousands of pounds of improvements were made.

The reaction to the new issue wasn’t all bad though, as we discovered when we randomly interviewed a number of passers-by last night:

“I found the new Halloween edition thought provoking, insightful, mildly educational and searingly erotic. My only complaint is that there’s no facility for “liking” or commenting” – Clivey Dee

“I was released from prison earlier this morning, and used…

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19 thoughts on “Mob Attack Offices Of Satirical Magazine As Wave Of Apathy Turns Nasty

    1. Cheers – I hope you get the chance to take a look. Aside from my ‘Carruthers & Chum’ stuff the satire of Lord Soz (the boss and a harsh, cruel taskmaster to boot) is worth a read in these days most other when satirists have gone all weak and feeble. All quite insane – in a good way!

      1. ‘Mirror magic’ – I feel a skit coming on so impressed as I am with that phrase. I have over cooked time travel lately yet ‘mirror magic’………need to think.

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