Too soon the time would come

When he would see her only

With his eyes tight shut


Waking to a nouveau

Same old, same old

His early solitary morns

A hell within Hell

In a now charmless

Dark Age Shangri La


The Great Hall

A feast!

Impaired joviality


Duckling, mead and

The potential for excess

Just uneasy and stilted

Superficial conversation

She, eyes averted


Sporadically gazing

Toward the squint

Firm in the knowledge

That her future lay beyond

The far flung horizon


The Frenchman studiously

Staring into his eating bowl

Prodding and picking

His hunger elsewhere

An aura of culpability

Brotherhood forsaken

Chivalry misplaced


The consort Queen

Appropriately still sat

Left of throne

Pregnant pauses and

Tainted silence

Injured him more

Than a dagger to the heart

She was at his side

Yet no longer his

Now just a mere chattel

Prized but no prize


The magician had

Once told him

‘You get no choice as to

Who you come to love’

An annoying truth

Hard to swallow

In any event

He agonisingly

Remained hers

That fact was at

The very nub of

Her insoluble dilemma

Also an impasse shared


This was the year it

Rained before September

This was the year

The Frenchman

Had stolen her heart

The man, his closest comrade

In battle and in life

To whom he had once said

‘What is mine is yours’

A perverse irony


A heart severed

From the soul

Even the heart of a King

Rarely heals


La malédiction de trois

Scellé le sort du Camelot


15 thoughts on “THE CURSE OF THREE

    1. Don’t tell me! I have countless tales of ‘3’ blighting my life from long ago – must dig them out for one are two are quite funny…good thing I can laugh at myself though for I lose out in each and every tale!

    1. ‘The curse of three sealed the fate of Camelot’ – that’s what the last bit says. Written in French for they also claim the King Arthur legends as their own and certainly Lancelot – if he actually existed – was French which was probably how he charmed Guinevere away from Arthur heralding the end of The Age of Chivalry. By the way in typing this comment I just swiveled my chair round and stubbed my toe on the edge of my desk causing me to say things aloud which I’m glad you couldn’t hear.

    1. As legends go the Arthurian ones are and always will be my favourite I think. Given your fictional preferences you ought to explore our Dark Age in history for material – it started when the Romans left these isles and virtually no written historical accounts exist hence legends evolved.

    1. I was just talking to Rachel Carrera about the Dark Ages from which the legends inspired Mallory and others. A few hundred years gone missing from British history. Oh to time travel and find out how legends came out of occasional truths!

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