Her eyes

Windows chanced upon

Those sweet, sweet eyes

A tableau of

Her essence and

By way of bonus

A fraudulent glimpse of her

Delicious yet

Very private secret


He wonders


Whatever, they share

A fresh cocktail of

Flesh and soul

Hold back on the ice

Tastes best at room temperature


Afterwards blue hued

Intimate laughter

Over nothing much

Save for knowing each other

A little better than before


Then coffee

A must

Shared in the park


Hands to hold

Mother goose

Chases them away

More laughter


Love served up with

A smidgen of flirtatious relish

On a plate of expectation





A blouse torn in haste

Just buttons to sew

No harm done


More laughter

A dawning of an affair

The paper chase has begun


What will become of the pair

When and if

All the shreds

Along the trail

Have been found?

Should good fortune smile

Some will have been

Caught on the wind

Never to be discovered


This is an almost complete rewrite of a piece from a year ago


22 thoughts on “COCKTAIL OF FLESH & SOUL

    1. Shirl said more or less the same thing when she read it although she didn’t seem to pick up the fact it was – well the start of it was – based on us a long time ago!

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