A Sincere And Humble “Thank You” from Soz Satire Magazine

For what it may be worth I have a another all new ‘Carruthers & Chum’ skit in this latest edition – plus of course some very funny stuff written by writers who, unlike me can actually spell! By the way there are no catches for it is an advertisement free zone!

The League of Mental Men!

SOZ Satire - Ocotober 2014

*Removes boots and tiptoes into blog only too aware that it’s Gaz’s day to post and that I’m taking my worthless life into my hands by encroaching on his manor. Hopefully he’s in a police cell or too hungover to notice*

I should like to say a few words (a real first for me) to thank all the kind, albeit misguided, WordPress bods who have taken the trouble to have a peek at the mag since our triumphal re-emergence into cyberspace last month.

Our stats are looking very healthy indeed thanks to you guys, and our reach has become truly global, including, rather worryingly, some poor soul from Sierra Leone! I’m surprised there’s anybody left tbh. *lights pipe and dons biological warefare suit*

I know I rip the living piss out of this place on occasion but in this instance I am in your debt and I thank you most…

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15 thoughts on “A Sincere And Humble “Thank You” from Soz Satire Magazine

      1. Thank you! I’d only seen one of these.

        The “dilemma” one was a hoot! I loved how he went from it being a man Dai Lemma to possibly being Di(anne) Lemma. That was so clever!

        The immigrants and evacuees one was also a riot! I love how he bumbles even the simplest of words! LOL!

        The Nigel Farage one was cute, but I’m sure it’s much funnier if I knew who that really was. And I also didn’t know what Planet Thanet was. (The name kind of reminded me of a smoothie show we used to have over here! LOL) I had to Google them just to get an idea. 🙂

        Excellent work, my friend! Thank you for sending the links. I sure wish I could navigate that page better. 🙂

        By the way, I’ve missed you lately! Hope everyone there is good. Any news on the house yet?

      2. Farage is the leader of UKIP and an evil right wing politician of whom I could wax lyrical about for an age so I won’t bore you! We are certainly all well – G desperate to get a worthwhile job still and as to the house we have another buyer desperate to move in yet news of ‘cat’ lady is troubling her to the extent I understand she was in tears as she might lose her buyer if there are any delays. The agents want us to commit to moving out by January to keep the deal alive and got rather ‘pushy’ about it! At that juncture I, having been polite up until that point told them to ‘f*** off’ (literally) – Shirley decided that in her book that made me a he-man of sorts! We have been looking at alternative houses every single day including Sundays no less but they are all rubbish. Still more to look at tomorrow but I’m not holding much out – if only our current house had a worthwhile garden instead of a courtyard! Still one can only try! The pain is I haven’t had much time for writing and also it all has a negative effect re creativity!

      3. Oh, that stinks! 😦 That’s got to be hard on G not knowing where you might be living, so can’t look too hard for a job until he’s sure. As for your house deal, I can’t believe you’ve been as patient as you have been so far. The agent wants you out by January but they can’t budge the cat lady? I just don’t understand how it was even legal for her to advertise her house for sale if she wasn’t actually willing to leave it, It seems that someone might sue her for false advertising or something at this point, as other people’s lives have been put on hold and they have lost money and other deals have fallen through because of her. Someone needs to have her committed to a sanatorium and then her cat will run away. Shirley did’t like that you told the agent off? I would have thought that would make you a hero. You’ve really been patient for a long while. Is there a way to convert your courtyard to a garden or it sill faces the wrong direction?

      4. Cheers young Rachel – no Shirley was thrilled I told the agent to fuck off. She often has said I’m too polite to salesmen etc. But yes it is all a nuisance. Sadly our property transaction laws are all very flexible until such time as a contract of sale is agreed and plainly cat lady won’t sign one of those until she’s found a house. We have looked around at so many alternative houses – all, whether expensive or cheap – rubbish. Just yesterday we were in one in Dover town centre. A nice big Victorian house with a bespoke basement flat (very big) that I thought would give G a base. It needed redecorating yet I noticed the owner had a burglar alarm, CCTV, a brand new hideously expensive multi-lock (and I mean multi-lock front door and a baseball bat in the hall. I asked him if he had any trouble with burglars and he said ‘not at all’ – like! I then asked him about the neighbours. He didn’t comment on those to his left but did make mention of the Romanians in the flat next door (there was a 12 seater mini bus with Romanian plates outside) and further mentioned the Thai girl who ‘uses’ the top flat! Not for us methinks although I’m sure she has a heart of gold! Still patience should win out I hope.

      5. LOL! There’s the Shirley I know and love! ❤ Yeah, that situation really stinks!! 😦 That's so clever of you to notice the "clues" of the alarm and bat…. I'm sure being a P.I., you notice so many more things like that which other people would never pick up on. I don't know about you, but I do believe everything happens for a reason, so I'm hoping that either the cat lady's timing will reveal something when you finally do get the original house you wanted, or the wait to find something new will produce something better and you'll find out later the timing was perfect. But I know it's frustrating while you wait! 😦

      6. Cat lady is achieving fame across all of the estate agents in Kent I think. In fairness to our agents they have managed to sell the house 3 times so must be getting a bit pissed off with her as well! Just ‘manners’ they are short on!

      7. I think she’s certifiably insane! Someone should write her an anonymous threatening letter and scare her into moving. LOL! I mean, come on! I love cats… I have five after all… but not one of them would keep me from moving if I wanted to move. 🙂

      8. Oh the tale of woe gets worse – just yesterday the perfect (and chain free) house came on to the market – we bid the right price yet someone bid the same literally 5 minutes previous. The first bid was accepted and when I tried to bid even more it was pointed out that that is not ethical – which is true thinking about it!

      9. Over here once an offer has been accepted the house is taken off the market there and then. Whilst there is no contractual commitment to actually purchase we had a problem years back with buyers trying to outbid each other and thus pushing property prices up higher than properties were actually worth – hence this arrangement to keep a lid of sorts on the housing market!

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