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She told me we all have a ‘dark place’

A place we don’t want others to see

And that she’d only share her perceived secret

If I promised on my life to agree


To keep to myself what she imparted

In good faith and never to share

With others who might think her a weirdo

And of her they just might despair


Yet keeping things unto myself

Is a skill that I hardly possess

And so it was that when I promised

I had my fingers crossed no less


So now I can pass on what she told me

That secret she stores in a ‘dark place’

It seems this beauty, my lover

Is not of our human race!


She comes from a planet named Zorg

And at this I beg you don’t mock

For alien she very well may be

Yet so lovely it’s no stumbling block


To fall in love with an unusual life form

That did not evolve here on Earth

Is truly a thing I am chuffed about

And do you know what that is worth?


A place on the front page of tabloids

A story sold on for a fee

Some spoke out and pronounced me plain greedy

But I think that’s just jealousy


So the girl from Zorg and yours truly

Are living the good life right now

Quid’s in at the bank; and light years away

Her ‘dark place’ was it seems a ‘cash cow’


Devoid of inspiration a revisit – an old post from last year!


22 thoughts on “SECRETS & DARK PLACES

      1. You see these Celtic gals are all aliens to those of us with Norman blood running through our veins! Doesn’t stop her beating me the head with a rolled up newspaper when the fancy takes her!

      1. I was once 19 stone and a much bigger man – fat some would say. Been 11 stone 6 pounds for 10 years now! It is a shame especially so for a verse expert such as you that Uranus is out of bounds because it’s too easy because it still makes me chuckle…I was a fan of Benny Hill though – Allah rest his soul!

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