From London a gent of consummate manners

From Paris a man with great charm

From Berlin a chap so determined

And a New Yorker set out to disarm


It was from this fashion house of lovers

Svetlana felt she needed to choose

Just the one who she saw as her soul mate

Be the one she did not want to lose


Yet herein lay her dilemma

For all had both good points and bad

After pondering, soul searching and brooding

The whole episode was driving her mad


For the Englishman could be quite boring

The Frenchman she felt he might stray

The German had no sense of humour

And the Yank wanted sex night and day


The day came rather sooner than later

When Svetlana faced up to her dread

Instead of selecting just one of her beau’s

She would let them all share her bed


Obviously not at the same time

For she did have scruples you see

Yet on balance and after a great deal of thought

She decided she’d stay both wild and free


OK her plan was not perfect

Indeed her game of love needed rules

Yet in London, Paris, Berlin and New York

She had her ‘perfumery of fools’


A slightly amended old post.



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