moon 3

1954, Venue – Carmel, New York: Acclaimed songwriter Bart Howard who has worked with Cole Porter has been busy all morning trying to knock out a swift song.  Ten years on the song, ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ will be a smash hit for none other than Frank Sinatra yet right now Bart is a tad bolloxed as to how to end what is, in effect the all-important last word to what is effectively the first line. We join Bart in his study along with his partner in life Thomas Fowler.

“Well I never Bart, you are so very quiet today…cat got your tongue?” 

“Oh Tommy old chum it’s just that I’ve got a red hot melody going here but cannot for the life of me get a lyric to match…I’ve even got a fab title, ‘Fly Me to the Moon’…gorgeous isn’t it…yet I sit here bolloxed because I simply cannot think of how to end that all important opening line…you know, the hook to get any listener actually listening.” 

“You might just be in luck Barty boy for I feel as fresh as a daisy since my afternoon kip…brain in gear and all that.  Why don’t you just tell me what you’ve got so far and I’ll see if I can help you out.” 

“That’s enormously kind of you Tommy…let me see…right I’ll knock out the melody on the old Joanna and croon over it until I get to the bit I’m flummoxed about, ‘Fly me to the moon and let me play amongst the…..’ There, that is where I am so very, very bolloxed.  Over to you Tommy.” 

“Um…um…right as I well remember from schooldays the moon is composed of cheese. So you could run with, ‘Fly me to the moon and let me play amongst the fromage’s.’  I mean that’s got a French touch to it thus giving it a romantic slant…what’s your take on that.” 

“Have you ever actually tasted French cheese Tommy…I can assure you it smells of old socks and is about as romantic as contracting an STD on the first days on your hols…plus the fact I’m not sure about your plural on the fromage front either  No, I’m looking for….oh I don’t know what I’m looking for…this is really making me quite depressed you know.” 

“Do not despair Barty for I shall not give up…um…um…got it, ‘Fly me to the moon and let me play amongst the…craters.’  I’m thinking here that if it was say, ‘Fly me to the earth etc’….you’d being thinking along the lines of two lovers frolicking amongst the sand dunes.  On the moon the only frolic the pair of us could have would be on the craters what with the moon not having any sand.” 

“Not a bad stab Tommy…not bad at all yet it is still not doing it for me.” 

“OK then this one’s just come to me quite out of the blue, ‘Fly me to the moon and let me play amongst the waxing gibbous’……that Barty has to be a runner?” 

“Not really Tommy…never have taken to ‘waxing’……the very thought of it makes me shudder. Best think on.” 

“I know what you need to get your creative juices flowing once more.” 

“Not now Tommy.” 

“No I didn’t mean what you’re thinking – does have a certain appeal though! No I think we should go into town…you know take a stroll to the Italian restaurant…look up at the clear sky along the way as evening turns to night-time…..maybe look at the ‘stars’ – so very, very dreamy.” 

“True, that might help yet please don’t go on and on about the ‘stars’ and all that gubbins while I’m thinking though.”



    1. Devoid of gravity such space debris would specifically be ‘on’ the moon. Mind you I wonder what sort of debris is floating about. McDonalds cartons, beer cans and earwig excrement – I understand that earwigs blight the moon although there they fly.

      1. I’m really not much of one for science. After reading your blog, and feeling the imminent need to comment, I just thought it would be best to suggest that they play amongst whatever could be potentially dangerous in space. A quick google search brought up space debris. For my part, I wonder if it includes used condoms.

      2. As yet man has denied woman (I think) a moon walk. So as to condoms unless the chaps who have been there were…well whatever, or aliens (do aliens use condoms?) have taken a romantic break upon a crater..where is this going…whatever, a jolly fine observation young Marissa!

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