Always alive

In a particle of time


The ripe and the rotten

The virtuous

The nefarious


The tramp sleeping rough

Under railway arches

The collective despair of vagrants

Souls destined to roam

Lost yet immortal

Their tenure in time absolute

The lucky ones?


As to all others


Fast forward

You will find us here

Locked in our particle


It renders longevity irrelevant

The particle is all there is to muse upon

It has no final cause

Only time is in perpetual motion

The particle is its cherished fragment

The particle is the only safe house there is


Within the capsule both flesh and blood

Desires, memories and accomplishments

Matter never diluted

The particle abides


For some the simplicity of a broken heart

For some tobacco

For dreamers?

Whatever dreamers do

All is kept from harm’s way



A concept easy to grasp

Easier still to forget


Yet the particle remains

Bullet proof


Creativity has deserted me presently – hence one from a good while back not long after I started ‘blogging’ !

34 thoughts on “THE PARTICLE REMAINS

    1. Thank you for those kind words. I think if we could go back in time we would find any and all who have ever lived locked in their own piece/particle of time. All I need now is a time machine – not a lot to ask for!

  1. Wow, this one rocks! It’s very poignant yet honest. I love it! You aren’t rid of that black dog yet? I don’t know how he can be in two places at once because he’s sure taken up residence here.

    1. Watcha young Rachel – not so much black dog this time more stressed out because of this property thing that seems to consume our waking hours! It’s killing the creativity! More property to view today though! G is also pissed off as he’s doing a bit a voluntary work helping old blokes to work a computer – most are smelly, some the worse for drink, all on the cusp of vagrancy! Still it’s a bit of a life lesson.

      1. UGH! That property thing just stinks beyond words! I’m frustrated for you even here across the pond! Maybe G should volunteer to help the old cat lady with her computer and while he’s there, he could talk her into leaving. But yay for him for volunteering. That’s awesome!

      2. LOL! Well, regardless, it’s a nice thing. Tell him I have a friend who is a dental hygienist. And she says she gets the stinkiest mouths in her chair. And what she does is puts some scented essential oil on the tip of her nose so she can’t smell the stinkiness.

      3. I forgot the other guy working with him constantly boasts that he is a karate champion and that he has had gold protectors for his shins fitted under his skin. The thing is the guy is about 5 foot tall and weighs in at an estimated 18 stone!

      4. Not sure…I’ll ask him. Tell you what G just got rejected for a six week night work shift stacking shelves for a supermarket because he didn’t fit the criteria – i.e. he has a university degree. To say he is now 100% pissed off is an understatement!

      5. Oh no! 😦 But I can see their point. He’d be out of there as soon as something good came along. Can’t he just omit putting the degree on his application until he applies for a job he really wants? Or is there a way they can check?

      6. It was only a six week post to cover over the Christmas period – I would have thought he’d be perfect for that. He just wants to get a few quid coming in while he tries to set up his own business. Aside from all his music technology he spends all his time learning software for apps and such like. He is now 100% pissed off. Also he doesn’t see why he should drop a degree from the CV when he spent 3 years getting it. Funny thing is life!

      7. Yeah, then I can definitely see his point! That’s just wrong and sucky, too. You’d think a Christmas job would hire just about any competent person. Poor guy. 😦

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