universe 2

She looks this way and that

Then, surreptitiously and

With a composed air

Of nonchalance

Lifts, in defiance of

The Laws of Physics

The small crystal orb

That is The Universe

From the shelf

Places it gently and

With circumspection

Into her handbag


Walking off briskly

Her panic veiled in

A mask of

Contrived confidence

She makes her getaway

Keeps a promise


She longs that

No conscious being

Or form

Especially so The Adjudicator

Had seen what she had done


Unbeknownst to her

The man in the fedora and

Dark glasses

Was vigilant

Ever watching

Seen everything

Tailed her

Out of the Shop of Dreams

Through the mall


At the taxi rank

He takes the cab

Next in line

To hers

All the way home

All the way to her front door


She puts the key

In the lock

Senses someone


Is watching


Glances over her shoulder



Later, early evening

Takes a shower

Dons a bathrobe

Reaches for her bag

Looks inside

Yes, the orb is still there


Between thumb and forefinger

Brings it to her lips

Upon it places a single kiss

Returns it to its resting place


A knock at her door

She takes no notice

Now a fierce banging

A fist most likely

Still she ignores

Hopes it, he, they


Just goes away


Not to be

He smashes the door in

Gains access

The man in

The fedora and shades

Stands over her


Bared teeth

Perfect teeth

Does not speak, just


Holds out his hand


In a nano-second

Panic notwithstanding

She considers all options


With reluctance

She delivers up

The Universe

Places it in his gloved palm

He nods his approval

Slips it into his coat pocket

Takes of his leave


All things considered

It could have been worse

Much worse

For her kiss

That single caress

Had restored

Love and balance

To humanity; to all living things

Her kiss, you see

Was magic!


17 thoughts on “TO COVET SUCH A THING

  1. I liked the narrative development and plot twists and the final twist at the end. I kept wondering what is going to happen next. Lovely build up of suspense and compelling rhythm which hooks you and carries you away in the thought stream.

  2. Oooooohhh, goosebumps! This is funny because although you’re being metaphorical, I just recently thought you should do a skit with a kleptomaniac in it and how hilarious that could be. I hope your weekend was fruitful! Any news on the house yet?

    1. That’s not a bad idea – on the comic front I’m desperate for ideas so I shall ponder over this over morning coffee – my demise I hope is short term – it coincided with the lovely Svetlana disappearing from my cafe of choice overnight (no one there knows where she’s gone – so it could be one of your stories!). As to the house the whole thing has gone dormant once more – the deal is still on; just nothing happening.

      1. UGH! Actually the house thing will end up being a good story once it’s over with. But I think it would be too hard to write while it’s going on. (I’ve been 2/3 done with a new novel for almost a month now, but it’s too realistic to some of the stuff my daughter’s pulled, so it makes me mad every time I try to focus, and I can’t write.)

        I think Svetlana eloped with a handsome Prince who was visiting from Franistan and stopped in for some coffee and a bagel. Or her green card expired and she was deported back to Luxembourg. Or she worked for government intelligence and some espionage spies found out her cover and she had to move out in the dark of night. Or she was one of those student protesters who blew up a lab with someone in it and they died, and the government has been after her for years, and she just got tipped off and had to leave and change her identity again. Or she was in the witness protection program and had to relocate suddenly and without warning.

        So if you were in need of any comic material, there you go, my friend. 😉 All that, plus kleptomania, too. Or how about a kleptomaniac who’s married to someone with Tourette’s? Or a dating club where two unlikely people will hook up, such as Mick Jagger who’s in the market since the recent demise of his lady, and he meets Hillary Clinton? Or Jack Black and Zsa Zsa Gabor? Now that’s funny!

      2. Is Svetlana dead in a gutter somewhere? You are right the is scope for a story here, there and everywhere. I have got a Nostradamus/Marilyn Monroe tale going out today. I wasn’t sure about yet Shirley likes it a lot so it’s getting a whirl yet in reality I like the ones that make me laugh when I’m writing them or role playing the part (i.e. trying to think like Jonny Catapault would think) in my mind. I shall though ponder, as said over coffee in town as that seems to be where I get my best thoughts. In fact I shall get my 12k out of the way and head for town!

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