The defining trait of

The islander of

Mongrel breed

No pity for the

Poor immigrant



Self-belief also

He aspires to

Genetic superiority

Often he would imply

‘I am the epitome of

This once great nation’

A greatness of

Extravagant definition

And one that evaporates

Under scrutiny


The educated woman

Travelled from afar

A foreign land

A failed state

Weak and tired

Without hope

Seeking sanctuary

Seeking charity

At his doorstep


Spitting vitriol


And hatred

Without foundation

Born of fact

He turned her away

Dismissed her relevance

As a human being

Quite overlooking

His own dubious heritage

And that of his counterparts

He was no true blood


Unbeknownst to him

She was pure


To the pitiable anthem

Of monarchical devotion and

God-fearing obedience

Under the questionable

Emblem, that is

A trinity of crosses

Having harnessed

A stupid

‘Hail fellow well met’

Grin upon his face

Glass of ale in his hand

Sucking on a cigarette

And showing

No benevolence

For her plight

She, the stranger at his door

He ordered her to leave


On pain of force


His birth right

A cameo

A neo Edict of Expulsion

Inflicted upon a harmless

Deserving soul

Denied even the

Deliverance of

The maestro’s

Burning violin


Yet now

Here and now

He spreads his message

Far and wide

Nurturing an ever growing

Cancer of fools


27 thoughts on “THE ISLANDER

      1. Sorry, was I supposed to pick up on that? I’m really politically unconscious and am just one of many Americans who know shamefully little of foreign politics. I still say he’s a dick though!

    1. Trouble builds in Western Europe as the far right wins the support of idiots. Not that this will alter the view of the naive, the seduced stupid rabble or the plain bigots intending to vote for and ultimately release the demon’s new found henchman from ‘its’ cage in the Rochester & Strood By-Election this coming Thursday! Check UK news on Friday morning and note that they have gained their second seat in Parliament just a couple of weeks after gaining their first – no good! Preety much how Hitler kicked off in the years before WW2!

      1. We’ve the same shit happening here. Conservative douche-bags taking over the damn government because idiots here either don’t vote or vote for the assholes with the simplest, most bigoted answers. Bad tidings are developing in the Western world. No one EVER seems to learn a f*cking thing from history.

    1. UKIP now talk of repatriating EU citizens who have settled here quite legally as have 2.5 million settled in Spain, France etc. And I suspect repatriating vast numbers would mean ‘camps’ to store them in pre departure and that would be just one step closer to Hitler! Bastards the lot of them – yet they will win Rochester and Strood. What hope is there!

      1. I want to say some words that may help. My Grandfather talked about most things like there was some help coming. Best wishes for a brighter minds. Love to you both xoxoxoxo …c

  1. Sometimes is seems to me
    That the human condition is idiocy.

    We’ve got these douchebags over here by the dozens–it’s hard to think of that and feel anything affirming re: my fellow elevated monkeykind.

    1. Couldn’t agree more – should they ever gain any form of power then I foresee transit camps for immigrants (legal ones or otherwise) and I guess history has shown us how at that stage it could all go horribly wrong.

  2. Quite a rant there. I’ve lived in Canada, U.S. and now Mexico and this guy is everywhere. And a belated thanks for your visits to my blog, I’ve been amiss in responding, in a writers retreat, now looking forward to a leisurely stroll through many of my favorite blogs over the holiday season.

    1. Thanks for that – the bloke is rant inducing to an old leftie like me. If the truth be told he should be rant inducing to any human being with a modicum of compassion. Oddly on a TV documentary I watched last evening he admitted he only had just the ‘one ball’. Whilst that is plainly no laughing matter it did remind me of the old ditty that was often sung about Hitler back in my dad’s day!

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