GO TELL IT TO THE SNOWMAN – ‘silly’ romantic verse

snowmen in beer garden 1

The longest night; the shortest day

A time that’s made for love

In mid winter’s frozen wasteland

You forgot your scarf and gloves


I think that was the last time

Last time my eyes met yours

I blinked first; all trust was lost

Time held me in its jaws


The crow sat upon a bare branch

Like me, he’s feeling low

You walked away, your back to me

Your footprints in the snow


I think that was the last time

Last time I had the chance

To call your name; to call you back

To join me in the dance


My collar up; wind at my face

I turned and walked away

Reflected on what I had done

And the things I gave away


I think that was the last time

The coldest time of all

The frostbite in my fingers

As I headed for my fall


Go tell it to the snowman

Go tell it to the moon

Go tell it to the naked trees

I won’t be back here soon


Because I am off back down to the pub

I have my mates to see

A good few beers; a curry

Feels bloody great to be free


Then I’ll go stay with Svetlana

She has a heart of gold

A sultry East European lass

And her bed is never cold


Another oldie


26 thoughts on “GO TELL IT TO THE SNOWMAN – ‘silly’ romantic verse

      • Svetlana is quite young whereas I understand cat lady is very old and generally miserable. I’m guessing Svet has run off with a new beau! She’s left me…bollocks.

      • Wouldn’t you die if she was really the cat lady’s granddaughter or some other close relative? I think there’s a skit for you…You complain about Cat Lady and end up hiring a hit man – who turns out to be her grandson!

      • The fat bloke karate chap G is working with presently turns out to be a likely next door neighbour should we ever get the house. How strange is that! G is none too pleased though.

      • WHAT?! THAT SUCKS!!! 😦 I am very NOT happy about that! 😦 WHY won’t that damn cat woman just move?! And why won’t the people you want to buy from just pick a different house if the cat woman won’t move? And why did she list her stupid house in the first place? I’m gonna need to come over there and raise some hell! I think Europeans think Americans are rude anyway, so I might just need to go prove them right and give that nasty cat lady a what-for! Will you bail me out of jail?

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