How strong the woman

How frail the man


He chanced upon her


She had got so far as

Tights and knickers

Naught else


As is her way

A private conference

With the babe in her belly

Telling him to

Get his act together

And show up


She turns about face

‘Oh it’s you’

He beams

Tells her just

How wonderful she looks

‘No I don’t

I look ridiculous’

She disagrees

For once she was wrong


At the birth

She spat profanities

As if possessed

Seemed like an age yet

Got there in the end


Helpless and hopeless

He takes of his leave

For a minute or two

Nicotine and tears

In the grounds

Under the crescent moon

Composure partially restored

He returns


The child at her breast now

He kisses them both

Her first


All her life

She had had a ghost

Called George about her

Now she had her boy child

Called him George

She never did

See her ghost again


She cures his melancholy

Most times

The only one who can


Should he go the way of all flesh

This very instant

Then let it be said

He has known love

He has known devotion

That he was

Quite the luckiest fellow


Yet he remains in awe

Even now

How strong the woman

How frail the man

32 thoughts on “HOW STRONG THE WOMAN – A memory

  1. For gods sake don’t let Danton near this. His editing will leave you with one line mate.
    Captures the whole journey with clarity and pace.

  2. Wonderfully moving, Mike – and the fact that it was personal to you gave it added depth and loveliness. I felt quite tearful as I read it.

      1. Do try if you can. The first time I took them years ago they really did work brilliantly. Over time I over used them and the effect was not that noticeable yet I left off taking them for a couple of years and last time I took them they worked again.

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