You always walked the high wire

Without a safety net

You were both brave and foolish

Now I’m cursed not to forget


The day you turned on a sixpence

The day you sent me away

Stole a pistol from your father’s study

And blew your brains away


The day they buried you was

One of bright sunshine

Many came to see you off

Most said, ‘she once was mine!’


That’s when the unseemly fight broke out

A bundle of true lovers

Each believing you loved him the best

Forgetting all men are brothers


Oh but such shenanigans

Your carnal passions brought about this feud

No man alive could keep pace with you

Certainly none within this brood


Of your mourning former beaus

Oh, how we ended up so bruised

Tarnishing your funeral thus

We really cannot be excused


And though I’m only guessing

A thought sits in my head

Was the reason that you topped yourself

Something that I said?


An adaption!


26 thoughts on “A BUNDLE OF TRUE LOVERS

  1. It is very good. What is it an adaption of? Also I hope you narrate most grandly. I know I do, and must thank you my only reader for reading the story I wrote for you, once again.

    I had one of those fights once, twenty years old. He burst in with his best friend behind of him and had little choice but to thump me. I chased him around the bedroom with my wanger. When he ducked, I knocked him out of course, etcetera. All the best Mike.

    1. The wretched curse of the one reader. I have time on my hands and get to read the posts of those I know can write. As to the topic at hand I can’t think of a fight I actually won (generally caught off guard in drink) save with the cricket ball – there’s always a thrill to spot the batsman drop like a sack of shit from a plane – then the guilt sets in. Have a fine weekend.

    1. The old ‘male believes he’s the centre of the universe’ theme – bet you’ve nicked a few of those – they’re often rather cocky miscreants I find – in your time!

      1. Your note was read with great interest – sorry I should have got back to you on that. He will discuss it with his ‘adviser’ type person who should meet up with on Friday when trying to discover what sort of support they can give him while he sets up his own business. He does have a couple of irons in the fire as well presently. As to the house we lost another buyer just last evening when they said they couldn’t wait any longer – back to the drawing board!

      2. Actually, I DON’T “Like” what you said, but I “Like” that you said something. That just makes me so mad for you about the house news. That has got to be so stressful for you guys and you definitely deserve to be treated better than that. I’m so sorry you have to deal with the rude, indecisive and incompetent cat woman from hell. 😦

      3. It’s a complete pain in the arse really. The sisters we are buying from in fairness have now looked at everything on the market (as have we) but being so close to Christmas nothing new is coming up so I think it will run into the New Year and beyond. Bloody nuisance!

      4. Well, that does suck. But I do think that you’re right, and after New Year’s, you’ll find a lot more available homes. And I really do think that when you find the new place, you’ll love it much more than the one you were going to get and it will have worked out for the best. Usually stuff like that happens for a reason, but the waiting for the reason to be revealed is the part that’s maddening.

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