A seasonal verse!

The child’s smile has been stolen

He has no expression now

The Drone took out his family

His homestead and his plough


Yet one day when the scars of fear

Heal they’ll be replaced

First by tears of agony

That will leave a bitter taste


The bitter taste fades then grief arrives

And later anger comes

That’s when all innocence is lost

And he’ll the march to the sound of drums


Drums of Revenge, Drums of War

Will be ringing in his ears

Erasing all compassion

That’s when he volunteers


To undertake an evil deed

To do unto all the others

What was done unto him

His parents and his brothers


Yet the Drone knows not clemency

The Drone will never care

The Drone still flies up in the sky

Does not respond to any prayer


Oh Drone of Plunder, Drone of Might,

Drone armed with weapons oh so bright,

Eastward leading, hearts left bleeding,

Collateral damage it’s given right



An old one from this time last year reworked a little



  1. Makes my heart feel warm with robotic love. What better way to say, “I Love You”, then by bombing a small village with a robot plane? God bless America! God Bless the free world! And God bless keeping our hands neat and clean whilst children are bombed dead in their beds by robots this holiday season. $Amen$

      1. Wouldn’t have it any other way! Imagine if the 9/11 attacks had been done by drones? Imagine the outrage and hate we’d feel. Ten times more than what it was back then I’d imagine. Yet we do this kinda shit regularly then wonder why we’re hated.

      2. There’s a football (you probably call it soccer) team with rather savage supporters here in England called Millwall. Their marching song is, ‘No one likes us and we don’t care’. Just about covers the US and the UK I reckon.

      3. I’m familiar with the Millwall football team from a movie called “Green Street Houligans” with Charlie Hunnam and Elijah Wood. That film introduced me to a side of British football I did not know existed. Maybe football teams could start using drones as goalies. Hell, maybe whole teams could consist of drones and play could go on til one of the missiles explodes. Be different, eh?

      4. You should have tried UK football a few decades back – Nazi salutes and extreme violence to match. Our teams got banned from European matches for a few years as we trashed their cities, pissed in their fountains assuming it was our divine right – bloody awful times they were.

    1. Thank you – whilst the acts of terrorism are vile and cannot be defended sometimes it’s worth thinking what made the perpetrator what he or she became! You are right violence begets violence.

  2. Whether Christ existed or not, I cannot say, but I have to believe after all that blood-lusting history of you killed mine so I’ll kill yours, somebody had to say, “You know, we don’t have to keep doing this shit.”

    1. The terrorist is plainly the most evil of beings yet I often wonder how they became thus – with the present generation of kids I think the ‘drone’ plays no small part in the radicalization process. All a bloody shame really.

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