There is a certain futility

When ensconced in Paradise

And to be consumed

With wanderlust


This she knew, or thought

She knew all too well


And in her heart of hearts

She was well aware

Having read the rainbows

That beyond the far horizon

Lay a place of debauchery


That the chastity of her

Divine abode

Was insufficient

Was a fact

The grass is always greener

And what worth immortality

Without gaiety

Without passion?


It was thus that she

Packed a bag

With the merest sufficiency

Of this and that and

Took of her leave


I first met with her in

The hole that is Babylon

A revelation to one and all

Who arrived at this destination

From a ‘safer’ corner

Where love over lust

Tiresome that that could be


Mattered a lot


Over time I noticed

She took to life here

As would a fish to water

She was never to join

The virtuous coy brigade

Not this one!


For now she would

Find nourishment

Feasting upon flesh

As did I, the Libertine


Of course I warned her

That the brew of licentiousness

Comes from a bottle that

One day will run dry


She cared not

Had lovers far and wide

I included in their number


I had not come across her

For some little time

Until that is I found her

Revelling in the company

Of a cocktail of

Wanton degenerates

In some bar or other

Just this side of Gehenna


Once duly sated

She took a breather

We got to chat

To catch up on things


The time came to

Bid my farewell

She called me back

Grasped my hand

Imploring ‘Take me back to Paradise,

This game I have been playing

No longer suits’


My face

At first quizzical

Then quite blank

Told her all

She needed to know

‘There is no going back’


20 thoughts on “WANDERLUST

    1. Understand now! In the physical sense I agree – yet the things one does in youth do shape the latter years. For example all the drugs I took determined I never be the same as I was – notwithstanding that I gave them all up years ago.

  1. Hmm…this one reminded me of a question I used to ask in social settings when I met someone new… Did the Donner Party get enough to eat? (People rarely talked to me after that.) Excellent verse!

      1. No need for excuses… It’s American history. I don’t know most British history, except how it relates to America. In the mid-1800s, a group of pioneers (including the Donner family) went to California in a wagon train. Somehow, some of them fell behind and lost the rest of their people. Then they got snowbound during the winter for a few months, and had to resort to cannibalism to survive. And now you see why people often avoided me after I asked my question. 😉

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