These days

Indeed for some

Considerable time now

When he shut his eyes

Her image ceased to haunt

She had become

In his mind’s eye

A glorious black nothing


Long since

He had consigned her to


Very own waste bin

Trashed her essence

All evidence of her gone


An achievement?

He presumed it thus


Decades had past

Yet now languishing

Upon his deathbed

Nature’s Law of Everything

With neither

His permission or consent

Enabled his reflective drive

And there she was once more

Real, so very real

It both irked

And, if he cared to admit

Afforded him

Some small pleasure


Back in the day

They had been

Dyed in the wool lovers

Paris, New York & Rome

And just about any place else

Four posters, Afghan rugs and sandy dunes

Ten miles high, palaces and opium dens

Through war and peace

They had made love

And, as is the case with passionate souls

Also fought like cat and dog

Here, there and everywhere

Until the day

One fight too many

She spitting feathers

He digging deep

Into the mine of insults

Seeking out the mother load

They reluctantly agreed

The battling Siamese twins

They had become

Warranted severance

If both were to survive


And thus separation was achieved

The indifference alloy

Of a continent apart

Ensured magnificent opposites

No longer afforded

The contradiction of

Magnetic attraction


In the here and now though

Fading away

Cursed with excessive fatigue

An almost impossible weakness



Laboured breathing

Ugly swollen feet and

The mottled veins

Only a surrealist

Could do justice

She was there

Young and naked

Exquisite in her finery

Provocative in her tomboy rags

She, who once was his

Had not aged one iota

Why should she?

After all, to the world at large

It was obvious

She was nought but a memory


Not so to this dying man

He knew

A final, subliminal wish

Had been afforded him

Nature’s Law of Everything again?


Whatever, his terminal breath


A fatal


Tear of

Unbridled jubilation

She was with him at the end

Seventh heaven


The magic of time

Is the only truth we have



  1. As always, well done…

    “We fight ALL THE TIME!” she says, digging in her purse for change.

    “Then dump his ass,” says her friend as she surveys the menu above the counter.

    “Who would I fight with then?” she asks.

    1. I guess there is a bit of Shirley and me in that bit – we’ve always fought like cat and dog yet we are over it in seconds generally laughing about the one who came up with the best insult!

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