Outside the garret window

A carnival in full flow

Pretty maids street dancing

Each one with a handsome beau


Yet here, in here there is no revelry

Just a distant pulsating beat

Some cheering and much laughter

Rising up from those with the world at their feet


We are monochrome marionettes you know

Without a puppet master

Over familiarity has led us

To court with this disaster


Independent souls they say

A metaphor for selfish?

Both sat here silent in the shadows

Knowing we both share the same wish


That one of us first apologise

For the words that were left unsaid

That the ‘last word’ be a worthy one

To take with us off to our bed


And as ever we resolve

To cease from this hushed quarrel

Now the matter, as ever is sorted

With a kiss that promises ‘immoral’


Deeds we will act out this night

And thus ice all that we have bruised

We are the two pig-headed lovers

Both of us short fused


A mix of pure love and the X-rated

Is the best cure that we know

To rekindle a thing too good to lose

Born again in love’s after glow

20 thoughts on “TWO PIG HEADED LOVERS

  1. There was a TV show on the 70s, can’t even remember the name right now, but there was a maintenance guy who worked in the building (on the show, of course) who always had words of wisdom and he would often say “Never go to bed mad.” Reminded me of that…yeah, that’s all I got.

      1. Sadly I have been bonkers for more years than I care to remember! Do you know sometimes I wish I didn’t think literally. George and I went Christmas shopping in the lovely walled city of Canterbury just this afternoon and the both of us think exactly the same way. My what problems we have in conversation – if I could have recorded it I feel sure we could make money out of a radio broadcast. By the way he was trying to explain to me the concept of ‘width’ insofar as sound mixing is concerned – need I say more!

    1. We do love a good bundle do Shirl and I! The best bit is when we both dig deep for a blindingly good insult – sooner or later one of us finds one so very personal that we crack up laughing and are back to normal in seconds. We’ve been doing it for years. Wish I had recorded some of them for they would make brilliant radio plays!

    2. Dear Bonkers, As poems go it is rare to read one with so much fabrefaction.
      It wus a good un, worthy of such a rampant melglomaniacal schlemiel as your incorruptible exemplary self.
      I missed the last sentence off could I couldn’t read yer writin’ like…

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