The meanderings of The lost tribe, They walked Seasonally repetitive Perpetually exhausted Well-trodden avenues Surviving on the force of habit Embedded in the DNA Languid the ramble Lackadaisical virtuosity Yet adept for It sufficed, safety in numbers Safety in the philosophy Of the ‘before’ Nourishment always assured In all a fruitful collective life Albeit it … More AN IMMACULATE UNION


To live a life unceasingly confused was, he found, a hopeless affliction. That others considered him painfully shy perhaps the only bonus. Being thought of thus saved having to engage in idle chit chat with all and sundry. Long since this young impoverished artist, Jérôme by handle, had hankered after a girlfriend; a soul mate … More WALKING INTO LAMPPOSTS


One September night Lakeside, during The period of The Harvest Moon She wed the Zephyr, was Carried off upon The Great Storm Following in its wake Became unwrapped Disintegrated Before his very eyes Never to be seen again   From the outset He knew something Was amiss, just Simply could not Put his finger On … More SHE WED THE ZEPHYR