He gave her a present

A crimson piece of glass

Once a captive

In the inconspicuous

Grasp of the moon

Gifted to the ocean

To first fashion

Then sculpted

Upon the tide

Finally burnished

By the worker grains

Of the sand hive


No article of ostentation

Just a bauble

Nothing more


Yet, to her



Worth more than

The platinum ring

Adorning her finger

(The one that

channels love

to her heart)

More than the

Precious stones

Of maternal bequeath


As a boy he had

Found this curio

Sharing natures

Seaside aquarium

With molluscs and gastropods

Pipefish and blennies

Stuffed it in his pocket

Along with snot ridden hankies

Hairy toffees

And other boy’s things

Kept it as a lucky charm

All those years now past


Then one day

The charm worked

Its very own magic

He found his girl

Any other than she

Would have scoffed at

An unsalable souvenir

Not this one though

She knew of the

Alchemy of love


61 thoughts on “HAIRY TOFFEE’S & BOY’S THINGS

    1. Crikey – didn’t mean to make you cry; not my best start to a New Year then! Note to self…don’t make lovely ladies cry. That aside thank you and have a wonderful New Year.

      1. I got him back later in the day. He had changed and packed his kit away and was in the bar quaffing ale. When the coast was clear I sneaked into the changing room; unzipped his bag and put a pickled egg in each of his boots then zipped in all back up. Knowing the chap was unmarried and rarely washed his kit my presumption (correct as it turned out) was that he wouldn’t open his kit bag until the next weekend – my how I laughed!

      2. Just read that Sue. I am but a blogger who has no desire to be taken seriously and awards are on the serious side. However that doesn’t mean I am not appreciative for I am yet the true poet here is Paul Lenzi by a mile. Nevertheless my sincere thanks to you!

  1. Dear Mike,
    I find it so very necessary to sincerely apologize.
    I mean, “shit!”
    I am so sorry if I ‘diss’d one of your comments on my blog.
    Seems I have made a blogging carreer out of saying, “I’m sorry.”
    But in this case, it is heart-felt.

    “Blogging means never having to say yer sorry….”

    OK, now I am dating myself.
    (someone has to)

    1. Sir you Americans are far too polite…I mean it’s early morning here and the wife has already called me a twat and a little earlier a tosser – and we get on OK. and truly with the old toot I write I get far worse. Besides it didn’t read like a ‘diss’ to me…it was pretty accurate given you had announced your blog was no more in a Pythonesque way a little previous. As with everything in life all can be cured with a cold beer and a hot woman although generally I always get this the wrong way round. Best of luck

  2. Exquisite use of language, Sir! Absolutely exquisite.

    Oh, by the way, and before I forget, there’s no apostrophe in the plural of TOFFEE, you illiterate twat.

  3. I have to admit, I thought this was the most romantic poem in the world… until I came to the part about “snot ridden hankies.” LOL! No, seriously, it was very lovely. I do have to ask, what are molluscs, gastropods, pipefish and blennies? Are those all fish? I’m so glad you’re back! Have you made a dent in the packing yet? Is there any bubble wrap left? 🙂

    1. They are all living things you might find in a rock pool! We are in the attic this rainy day having a bit of a life laundry – probably get loads of stuff for the charity shops I reckon.Are you still suffering from the wretched illness?

      1. Yes, actually. 😦 It’s still lingering, and my cough is still bad, though I am definitely much better than when it first hit. The attic sounds like fun… It sounds like you might get inspired for a skit or two up there.

      2. Didn’t get to the attic – we went out and got soaked as it happens. Got a few skit things in the bag though. As to your health have your tried fags and a sufficiency of strong ale? Should do the trick.

      3. Yeah, I’ll have to try that… nothing else has worked yet, and at least then if I still have the cough, I’ll have a reason. 😉 I hope you took an umbrella with you. Tut tut! 😉

      4. No umbrella’s were left in the car! Still today they say not a cloud in the sky – just freezing cold instead. Must away for 12k – the only way of keeping warm presently!

      5. I’m always in trouble – I shall have to check with Shirl to see what this bit of trouble was! Forgot to mention that on 1st January Jackson Harry Steeden was born at 8lb 10oz! So at last my eldest, Milo and his wife Laura have their little chap. Five grandchildren now – it’s going to cost I think! By the way we were too wet to cuddle! Took a nice snap of her she’s using as her main Facebook photo the other day in Dover when I took the old – and only decent – camera I have left out for a jaunt. I used to take a lot of photo’s pre digital (had all the gear back then). As a professional your view – when you get a chance that is – would be appreciated because as you well know ‘nice’ doesn’t really cut it when it comes to photography!

      6. Aww, what a big baby! I love the name! And how cool that he came on New Years Day…. He won’t have to compete with Christmas, now. 🙂 Are they close enough that you got to see him yet?

        I just today saw a few photos from your New Year’s Day outing… one with you in a pub… Are those the ones you’re talking about? I loved them! They were very artistic. The one you are talking about specifically, is it the one of her from the back? It’s very artistic, and I love how you captured that bright spot of sunlight in front of her. All those in Dover show off the majestic scenery there so well. It’s certainly breathtaking where you live. Five grandchildren? You know what? A perfect gift for them for next Christmas will be a book of their Granddad’s poetry! How is G now that he’s finished tutoring the old folks? You never told me is Santa kept you on the nice list and what you got. I saw Shirl’s gorgeous shoes in the one photo… You did a nice job picking those out! I love ’em!

      7. Sadly young Jackson lives in a place called Newmarket which is some distance away yet I will get to see him – probably in the spring.
        It was the sunlight shot that pleased me – I’ve left photography alone for about 10 years now yet once it was my favourite hobby. Glad you liked that one. Bits of Dover are rather grand – mind you other bits are not! So much history there though – it is said that as a town it probably has more modern human history than just about anywhere. An English girl called Olivia has taken over from the one I named Svetlana in the cafe we like. She makes, as I told her, the best coffee this side of the Channel. Will she be a muse for my skits? – not sure yet because she’s English! I got a multi-function food slicer for Christmas and a load of other thing yet have genuinely forgotten what they were! Slippers – yes G got me slippers. The diabetic nurse keeps going on and on about diabetics having to wear slippers!
        G himself has pretty much locked himself away from the world composing music – electronic in the style of Foster the People I think although he is not speaking that much. Occasionally we get to take him out for breakfast – he’s fond of croissants. Other than that he spends over an hour on the cross trainer set at the highest level most days. I really do hope he gets a job soon – he is trying and has a second meeting with a chap in Dover next week as it happens.
        Talking of insanity as I was in this, or was it the other thread I remembered when I was doing my 12k just now that I once had an Uncle John, a completely bald former headmaster. Well many years ago about that time I started going out with she who was to become my first wife news of Uncle John was published in the London Evening Standard. He had been arrested on Kew Green stark naked strolling about in a princely way with his hands knotted behind his back and whistling the music of the day. During his walk before him came a teacher with her class of young school girls all walking in pairs toward the entrance to the Royal Botanical Gardens. Plainly there was a major kerfuffle and Uncle John got nicked and charged with any number of offences. The thing was he had dementia yet it wasn’t until he was out on Kew Green that day that anyone realised he was bonkers – he had no idea he had no clothes on at all and was I heard most concerned when advised thus! It was only when my girlfriend was reading out the tale of this sicko from the newspaper and asked if he was a relation of mine (of course I said ‘no’) that I discovered this! Odd! Have a good day!

      8. From what photos Shirley posts of Dover, the parts you two frequent are gorgeous. I really hope to be able to see it sooner rather than later. So can Olivia be transformed in the skits to be of foreign descent? How fast does the cross trainer go? Good grief! Good for G on the second interview! I wish him luck. That’s too bad Jackson lives so far away! 😦 How many hours’ dive is that? In fact, how many hours’ drive is it to cross England? Uncle John sounds like a hoot! The poor guy. Hopefully the charges against him were dropped when they realized he suffered from dementia. Did the girlfriend ever find out he belonged to you?

      9. All my male characters need a new muse so she might do yet I’m thinking I’ll make one up or perhaps think back to my failures with gals as a young chap (there were many) and chose from that bunch.
        I am about 3/3 1/2 hours away. Also it would take 8 to 9 hours to drive from here to Cornwall on the other side of the country. Probably a drive to the shops for an American!
        I think I kept the story of John a secret in case she thought lunacy was in the bloodline – these days I don’t care for I’v long accepted lunacy as part of me, although I stress I tend to wear clothing in public places!

      10. LOL! Darn. No, I’m kidding. 😀 I’m glad you embrace your lunacy as I embrace mine. 🙂 From where I am in Central Florida, it takes me 1 hour to reach the west coast, 2 hours to reach the east coast, 3 hours to reach the Georgia border, 4 hours to reach the panhandle, and 7 hours to reach Key West. But, yes, I’ve been known to drive as much as 20 hours away on a whim. 😉

      11. There is so much traffic on this small island – no one takes a drive on whim for likely you’d end up in a traffic jam! France however is much more fun to drive in!

      12. Traffic jams turn me evil – I used to have a long drive into London years ago; always in rush hour; always in jams. Don’t get many jams in these parts though and very rarely in France at all!

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