The adolescent tree

Planted in honour

Of a much fabled man

Struck by lightning bolt

Burnt to cinders


A sign perhaps?

Wretched bad fortune?


Now a source of charcoal

Slivers and chunks

Flakes and fragments


For the rummaging feral

Manor from heaven

For they, ‘the gang’

Wrote vulgar words

Here, there, everywhere

In raven soot

Upon paving stones

Town hall walls

Doorways and

Street signs

Offending the aged

And clergy alike


Wicked graffiti too

Provocative depiction

Hardly art



And worse


Then came the rains

Washed it all away


Where the tree had stood

Just a meagre, deceased

Trunk of memories

Better memories than before

The feral and the heavens

Had seen to that


21 thoughts on “THE FERAL & THE HEAVENS

      1. I’ve committed a couple of acts of vandalism myself but I assure it was for all the right reasons. (Spray paint, by the way Mike. The magic markers just stop writing when you hold them horizontally.

      2. Crikey young Marissa – the number of pens and magic markers I’ve thrown away thinking they had run out of ink! If I’d only known that small, yet quite vital fact! I shall now go back to ceiling scribblings with new vigour!

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