Look out over there

Tell me what you see


A cityscape perhaps?

Maybe an ant’s nest?

I am unaccustomed

To these mountain tops


Take another look

Look deeper this time

Consider the abstract

Analyse; probe

What do you see now?


Ah, I’m with you now

A pointillist’s canvas complete

A shattered rainbow

Component parts reassembled

A reality better than before


Avoid the judgmental trap!

Have you considered a rebirth?

After the tempest

There is invariably a renaissance

What is fractured by the storm

Becomes the carrion

The very seed of the continuum


Who fires the nebulae then?


As are the visions perceived

In the mind’s eye

Of the blind since birth

The ceaseless recurrence

The perpetual

Realisation of newness

The very purpose of

Organic imperfection


You are wise

Beyond your years

Young lady


The impairment

Of immaturity

Works in my favour Sir


Don’t fancy coming down the pub do you luv?


What with you? OK then so long as you’re buying


‘Course I am luv



25 thoughts on “AFTER THE TEMPEST

  1. Really like this one, Mike – it drew me straight in and I love the multi-layered approach, not to mention the little surprises!

    1. Wishful thinking! I replaced the previous one with another because I couldn’t stand seeing my ugly mug everyday but then others thought that the then new one was me – which of course it wasn’t – so I nicked a snap off Shirley’s tablet thing she took just the other freezing day when for once I wasn’t wearing my trademark shades. Still means I’ll have to look at myself though! Nearly lost all my silver rings that cold day – why do rings fall from fingers when it’s cold…there’s no fairness in that!

      1. That’s odd. I never lost a ring due to cold weather. Maybe it’s because your hands kind of constrict (correct term) which is to say, if they swell when it’s hot maybe they get ‘skinny’ when it’s cold. Anyway, I like the picture. You’re surveying the landscape thoughtfully.

      1. He certainly was – I’ve only got a few of his albums in my collection though. I have thousands of pieces of music on my IPod yet it is funny that I never can decide what to play when on the cross trainer or the treadmill! Weird that – today is was Noah & The Whale a fine young English band for what it’s worth! Still bloody cold and windy here which has caused me to write a lot – I think I’ve enough to post every day for a month at the moment – that’s never happened to me previously. I really must pluck up the courage to post the Bobby Bob Bob thing and I’ve got a new Dr Gloom (where he has a head transplant) but Shirley hasn’t warmed to it yet! Cheek of it.

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