At night they meander

This way and that

Taking in the sights

Not a care

In the world

Feasting upon

Electric eels

And limpets


Yet stay well clear

Of water’s edge

Come the morn


Dodge the dawn

At all costs

If you know what

Is good for you

For that is the when

The yeoman Sun

Hustles the sea serpents


Ever westward


‘There on the horizon

Look there, now

Heed my words and

Stand clear should

They venture closer’


Hounded by

First lights

Acrobatic collies

And guided by

The flute of

The new days

Deft Sun God

The serpents

Abominable odyssey

Begins anew


Provoked thus

The sea serpents

More often than not

Stampede atop the

White horse waves

In a frenzy of hysteria


Even the all-knowing

Audacious amongst us

Would not be

So foolhardy

To be in the path

Of one detached

From the group

One in panic’s grasp

Caused to be beached

For then it

Will be no more

A sea serpent

For then it will

Breathe the fire

Of a dragon


Woe betide

The unsuspecting

Sentinel then

Woe betide

His young bride


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