She was sat cross-legged

Upon the champagne shoreline

Discussing politics with

The grey seal

Bobbing about in the waves


Considering the quizzical

Tilt of the seal’s head

Her presumption was

That he was listening

Maybe not taking much in


In all truth

Dolphins were her

Best devotees

She got feedback

From her dolphin buddies


Sadly there were no

Dolphins in these

Boreal waters


Whatever, time for a

Late lunch

Petite baguette

A chunk of ripe cheese

Takeaway coffee and

A bench in the park



Barefoot on tarmac

Just a short stroll

To the café

She noticed a

A young bearded man

Kneeling, the

Sun at his back


Determining that he

Was at prayer

She walked on by

Fulfilled in the knowledge

That she was free of all faith

That that tedious restraint of

Dubious legend,

The God of Abraham

Was of no relevance


Still each to their own

Her world view of things


A little later

She was sipping her drink

Near the fountain

When the hirsute one

Shot her dead

She, Ms Collateral Damage

Along with the preferred target

A handsome gendarme

Hitherto sat at her side

His limp corpse now

Slumped indelicately

On top of hers.


Far, far away

On an industrial estate

In a stark room

With just a

Bare lightbulb

Her long since

Secret admirer

Sat at His desk


He had been tracking

The girl’s every move


He shadowed almost

All and sundry, yet

Had a particularly soft spot

For her

Now this!


Mumbling to himself

‘I should have known’

He shook his head

Slouched away

Homeward bound


His nemesis

Worked the night shift

  • This plainly is a fiction, a mere cameo detailing a ‘sudden’ event, nothing more. Penned out of respect – “Je suis Charlie”


    1. True I am the grey seal
      Yet so down at heel
      For the girl on the shore
      Sadly is no more

      Now I’ve no one to talk with
      What can I say
      Some bloody idiot
      Blew her brains away

      1. It’s pouring with rain yet I’m happy! Out in the shed I chanced upon my favourite childhood toy, namely my trusty old club hammer – can’t find any ants so I’ve decided to learn to fly thus enabling me to chase the clouds and give them a good beating.

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