THE SCAB SEEPS BLUEISH BLOOD – Observations of an alien

blue blood

A no go zone

Once ozone

Above a cesspit

Of blind

Humanoid construct

Of what once was

A dazzling star


Excreted erstwhile

Planetary assets

Give rise to

The swift decline

Of the brilliance,

All this

Brought about by

The defecators

The many

Born of avarice

Of gluttony

Of disregard


Look deeper

There is more

Than the carnality

Of the savvy

Organic actuality

Provoking and


This dire state


The scab seeps

Blueish blood

‘No union of

common interest

In this place’

My infant judgment


My alien eyes

My witness

Eyes that scan millennia

In a flash


Only where a

Rapacious elite

Trumps gentlefolk

Doth a divine right

Of sorts

Hold sway

Doth a single male

Hold court

Under the spell

Of the bizarre


Hierarchal hot-line

Through which the

Conveyance of

Well-chosen words

Threats and promises

Cognizant mortals

Ingest and codify

Thus ensuring

The continuum

Of mass servitude

And the teachings

Of greed and envy


It had been

The way of things

Since time immemorial


Any aesthetic plutocrat

Worth his salt

Speaks freely

Of such blessings

To those looking upwards

Only too pleased

To listen, learn,

Copy, forge or impersonate

A promise

Afforded to

The indefatigable


And abusers


As such

The conscious ones

Squander all

They ever had

All they ever wished for


Having made

Due note of this

I take of my leave

Content to be exempt


31 thoughts on “THE SCAB SEEPS BLUEISH BLOOD – Observations of an alien

  1. Superb. I love this. Powerful words of warning that ring so true for today. BTW, I smoked Opian once. Bad high. I’ll have to put it on me cereal next time like sugar. bettin’ that’ll work just dandy. 🙂

      1. I am a veggie yet I cook a rather good Toad in the Hole! This traditional Yorkshire dish – if you didn’t know that is – consists of decent sausages laid out in a dish and covered in Yorkshire Pudding batter. Sounds horrible but back in the day I rather liked it! Mind you that was when I was nearly 20 stone and got diabetes! Good fortune smiled and I have been 11 stone 6 pounds ever since! There, a boring yet true tale of ‘op for anyone!

      2. Does sound good. I’ve been slowly dropping the stones meself. Got a few to go, but sweets and fried foods are out. Either they had to go, or I was gonna. Good for you on the weight loss and diet change.

    1. Cheers Paul, ‘The Internationale!’ Oddly just the other day I was listening to the Billy Bragg (an English poet, songwriter, lefty) rather unique version. Stirring stuff – although I’ll hazard a guess it is not one you’d take with you to a desert island!

    1. Shivers of the best sort! Got the worst sort during the night – my how the wind blew. It took a lot of my neighbour’s roof away no less. I heard him on his mobile this morning in a state of anger and with heavy Cockney accent, “Of course I want a f*****g roofer, that’s why I’m phoning a f*****g roofing company’ – I can only imagine how Miss Monotone on the other end of the line felt. Oddly though I found this funny!

    1. In many ways I am. The greed of less than pure capitalism (not all capitalism though) has caused the planet many a problem born of greed. Then again I’m an old lefty! Regardless, you don’t have to thank me for liking your poetry, I enjoy it Sir! Great stuff.

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