Identical snowflakes

A bona fide rarity?

A miracle?

Only the sage can say

And he is far away

Measuring hailstones

Bermuda she recalls


Yet here

In the frozen lands

North of nowhere

She is compelled

To tell of

To show

To someone

To anyone

Her immaculate

Inconceivable find


Fail in this

Then it never happened

No one will believe her


Save perhaps the sage

After all he is

A philosopher

More so

In his spare time

When in drink



In the wilderness

To stumble upon

Friend or foe

Indeed any anomaly

In human form at least

Is to deviate from

The rationale


Yet in the near distance

A silhouette

A running male

Giving chase

To a caribou

And losing out



Bent over

Hands on knees

Catching his breathe

He admits defeat

This time


Composure restored


He surveys

His surroundings

Identifies a girl

A girl he does not recognise


She waves

A beckoning wave

His body language

Indicative of a message

Received and understood


They meet halfway

On the milky lowland

Of nature’s own design


“What have you got there young lady?”


“Identical snowflakes…look see”


“So you have. Remarkable”


“I know. What should I do with them?”


“Squeeze your hand tightly”


“If I do that they shall melt before their time.

The sage must see them before they die”


“But I have seen them. I am your witness

Besides I see they have already thawed”


With that

Her witness

Trudged off

Toward the conifers

Leaving a mosaic

Of footprints

She chose

Not to follow


She would never

Bump into

The stranger,

He who could

Give testimony

Ever again


The sage

Never returned

From warmer climes


Many years later

Now an old lady

On what was to be

Her deathbed

She would tell

A patronizing nurse

All about the


The both of them


“You don’t believe me do you?

You think I’m mad”


“Of course I believe you dear…of course I do.

Now take this tablet; it’ll help you sleep”


She never woke up

As such

A truth had died

It is the saddest thing

When that happens








28 thoughts on “THE DAY A TRUTH DIED

    1. Cheers – I must add I am guilty of not commenting as I should on your photography of late. You put a fine mix on that blog of yours that as an amateur snapper with an appreciation of the photographers of a bygone age (Capa, Lee Miller, Man Ray etc,) I thoroughly enjoy. Possibly the visual art medium I enjoy most is photography – just a shame I’m crap at it really!

      1. Sadly not the case. I can frame a snap but that is family album stuff, nothing more. As you know better than I the skill is taking it to the next level yet if one doesn’t have the gift then ….

    1. Rather taken with your one today as it happens – that sounds like I’m not always taken with yours and plainly I don’t mean that! Start again – today’s verse you posted was particularly brilliant!

    1. Well thank you. I do rather like writing it and it is – ancient as I am – still relatively new to me. I think I’m learning to let my mind wander about a bit. Whether that always makes good poetry is, I guess open to debate! Anyway where are the hamster stories – I particularly like the Russian hamsters; they’re like characters out of ever young schoolboys favourite book back in the day, namely Ian Fleming’s ‘From Russia with Love’ – had lots of bits adolescent boys took to provided the one who could actually read spoke the crucial parts aloud in the playground!

  1. That was indeed a beautiful piece of work. I thought at first it was you chasing that caribou, but when I realized the age progression, I knew it was not. This one was definitely a tear jerker. Very lovely.

    1. Another piece of lunacy! It’s particularly cold in Hellfire Corner lately and further I walked into the bed leg in the dark yesterday and have a purple foot akin to a cows udder worthy of a Facebook post! Can Inchy beat that I wonder?

      1. WHAT? That’ awful! 😦 OUCH! Are you okay? Does it still hurt much? You’d better get it checked to make sure you don’t have a blood clot. Have Shirley kiss it to make it better. 🙂 Any word on the moving date yet? Is there any bubble wrap left?

        I HATE this new WordPress notification thingy! It only allows me to see as comments far as yesterday. I’ve been gone since Thursday and now have no idea what I might need to reply to. 😦

      2. I hate this new comments thing as well – although as I’m typing this and centre screen there is a young lady called Rachel Will bouncing around, and nearly falling out of her bikini for reasons I can’t work out – should be a Facebook post rather than a blog yet I am digressing. Yes the new WP is crap!
        Hadn’t thought of a blood clot! It looks like heavy bruising and I can bend the toes so they aren’t broken. She called me a silly blind old fool as it happens! Heart of gold that one!
        The move is getting closer – we should exchange contracts in 10-14 days and move in 10-14 days after that! We were over at the new place just yesterday (Shirl drove because of my foot and I’m such a bad passenger I think I stressed her somewhat with my blind braking) with a builder to check out all the urgent jobs we need to do when we move in. There are a number of things required but none that he could say were impossible which is good. The old wooden floorboards will he tells me take decent tiles because we want the whole downstairs floors all tiled like the French have them – stuff like that. It’s funny when you take a proper look at a house with a professional. I now know that while it is livable the whole place needs decorating so there’s a job for our mate up the road who does stuff like that. So yes, we are getting there – that girl is still bouncing up and down! Shirley just looked over my shoulder assuming I was watching soft porn and I had to explain I was writing to you!
        Have a jolly good Sunday!

      3. Oh no! I hope she didn’t step on your other toe because of your porn addiction. Seriously, keep an eye on your bruising and if it doesn’t start to lighten, make sure to get it checked. Awesome that the move is finally drawing near. Are you going to have the contractor take care of everything before you settle in or have him work around you? Yeah, the tiled floors are nice, though they do get cold in the winter. But they’re easier to clean than the hardwood. Feel better!

      4. We shall have the chaps working around us – do I job at a time as the house is livable. Maybe get the tiling done when we take a holiday I’m thinking. We need a new staircase (only because the existing one is ugly) up to G’s attic lounge/room plus a roof repair on the little sun room, decorating throughout (boring) and loads of other bits and pieces.
        Most odd yesterday when replying to you and having a floor show on the screen at the same time – mind I note the blogger who posted it was French and they do like their gals! The one toe that is particularly black/purple seems to be settling down – got my 12k in with only a little pain today!
        Off to Ramsgate to the solicitors as it seems they need proof of identity for reasons that are ridiculous! Have a splendid day.

    1. I’ve just been reading some of your work – stupendous; they read like well crafted lyrics that punch and calm in the same hit. Odd how I’ve not spotted your blog previous! Trust you don’t mind but I’ve just clicked that ‘follow’ thing!

      1. Haha. Ofcourse I do not!
        I am elated by your generous comment! It means a lot that someone so respectable and remarkable in my eyes(yep thats you) happens to like some of my gibberish! I am so utterly exalted by that….
        Thank you

  2. You know there must be a helluva lot of lunatics on that plank for liking your work. Thanks for visiting; I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical writing “a borrowing of bones” but back to blogging with a lot of wonderful sites to catch up on.

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