marble statue

The seduction of a

Part time thinker

Is the easiest of things.

She knew this well


The pledge of Arcadia plus

The subliminal guarantee of

Unsullied wantonness

Always did the trick,

Rambunctious fun too!


That nature had

Ensured man

A predictable beast

Just an ordinary thing

Served to amuse her



He called her his sparrow

An impertinent one at that

Forever the dissident

Eternally the outcast

Efficiently indifferent to

Carnivals and circuses

Fairs and street markets


When the fancy took her

She would conjure up

Silver rings to decorate his

Spindly fingers

(Gold was her bête noire,

flash and tawdry)

A fedora for his aplomb

A multiplicity of shades

To mask his roving eyes


She decked him out with flair,

With panache and

Sent him about his way

As blithe as any transitory

‘Couldn’t care what I look like’

Thinker could hope to be


Most days

When the sun shined

She busied herself

In the hanging gardens

Cleaning marble statues

Orvus soap and soft cloth


Yet always

Upon his return

Quids in from

His day’s outings

She would hurry him

Off to the bedchamber

Or wherever else

Took her fancy


The evolution of true love

Is the only miracle there

Has ever been


Flesh to soul begets the

Union of soul and flesh


22 thoughts on “ORVUS SOAP & SOFT CLOTH

    1. There is a lot of Shirl and me in this one. Do you know she was buying Christmas decorations on sale yesterday at silly low prices – green tinsel as it happens. Odd that – what with it being January!

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