driftwood girl

Immense the sea

Gnarly the surge

Onyx the cloak

The language of Teutons

Shrieks subjugation

Howls revenge

Storm Force 10

Shows no remorse

Takes no prisoners


Driftwood girl

She does not

Have a care!

She travels on the tide

The harbour wall

Her occasional gîte

The beach

Her catwalk


To this day

She sings songs

Of destiny

Love and loss,

Seaweed, faith adrift,

The sudden dive

Of the cormorant

Seeking breakfast, and

The message in the bottle

Penned by the

Desolate marooned one


I am old now

Once I knew her well

She defies time, does

Driftwood girl

She remains

Forever new


Her axiom

‘Time and tide

waits only

for the cuttlefish’

Always serves

To amuse


The big sea

Has yet to find a way

To intimidate her

Though even now

Without malice

Without forethought

There are the hearts of

Generations of credulous

Fledgling mariners

Still to be broken



28 thoughts on “DRIFTWOOD GIRL

      1. UGH! I got sicker again this weekend! 😦 And I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, so haven’t had any time for anything fun. 😦 I’ve missed blogging and chatting with you for sure!

      2. What a pain that must be – presumably what you had before is lingering on a bit? You can take comfort in the fact you’re not freezing cold like we are I suppose yet feeling ill is the most irksome thing. Trust a full recovery looms.

      3. The property deal is close to being done yet not done until the contracts have been exchanged (the actual move follows about 14 days after exchange yet ‘exchange’ makes the deal binding! So any time now. As good fortune has it George has been working for a bloke setting up a new business part of which is building sound proof bespoke recording studios using fibre glass. Inevitably (G being like me on the stupid front) he hasn’t got round to wearing a face mask – I purchased some over the weekend the Twat that he is – he couldn’t work out why he wasn’t breathing that well! But apart from wanting the temperatures to shift upward all is well. They say from Wednesday onward the weather will get really bad! Brilliant – not!

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