Entirely unaware

Of the world about him

He lived apart

Inside his own head

Paradisiacally ignorant of

News, art and currency


That is

Until the day

He got hiccups


As a bolt of lightening

To Stone Age man

He stumbled upon the

The requirement to surmise

As to the root cause

Of this event

It being so

Alien to his

Apprentice disposition


It was thus that

He determined

With haste born of

Urgent need that

Hiccups were a sign

A latent omnipotence


A good half hour on

Hiccups had not abated

If anything had worsened

He felt discomfort

And more than a little fear

As to anonymous origins

Of his demise


At this juncture

The man who

Lived apart

Found himself

Composing what

Transpired to be

A prayer

Offered up to

The new found

Great God, Hiccup


Following in the wake

Of such invocation

His hiccups ceased and

All was well


Now in a contemplative state

Introspection took hold

He surmised someone else

Mightier and more potent

Than he was

Sharing his genius

For he had not

Spoken his embryonic

Yet plainly adequate

Prayer aloud

Bringing forth

A cure to his malaise


Then again

He was on mescaline

At the time


His neighbours heard

The scream of

Abject terror as the

Enormity of revelation

Hit home

The authorities put him

In a strait jacket

Took him to a

Cushioned place


His epiphany

Became big news

Aldous Huxley

Penned him a

Letter of comfort

Andy Warhol

Sung his praises

Far and wide

Edgar Allan Poe

Was moved

To write a poem

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Dreamed another dream

Howard Marks smiled.

Of course

His mother

Disowned him


Yet all was not lost for

Quite out of the blue

Groupies as neo-disciples

Lovely girls one and all

Thinking him a prophet

Descended upon

His padded cell and

He was a virgin no more

Both in actuality

And figuratively


As to the common

Tabloid reading man

He would say,

In the near vernacular

That on balance

Things were

‘Looking up’



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