One September night

Lakeside, during

The period of

The Harvest Moon

She wed the Zephyr, was

Carried off upon

The Great Storm

Following in its wake

Became unwrapped


Before his very eyes

Never to be seen again


From the outset

He knew something

Was amiss, just

Simply could not

Put his finger

On what was awry.

Too transcendent

Too flawless

For this dimension


To elucidate,

She proved to be, the

Classic exemplar of

The gentler sex

Possessing as she did

Delicacy, grace

And magnetism,

The key facets

In his view of

The archetypical

Female, and superlatively

She ‘owned’ the role

Of courtesan

As the fancy took her


Doubts beget demons

Subliminal reflection

Circumstantial inklings

Sneaking suspicions

All paid testament that she

Was of the rarest breed


A little checking

Called in a favour

An old chum, a

Government official

Of sorts

Reported back, that

The databases held

No record of her

Neither then

Nor now


Somewhere in time

She must once

Have breezed into

The continuum



Fate denied him answers

Long years passed

At an uncomfortable

Rate of knots

Then came the day

He chanced upon

An envelope

He instantly recognized

The calligraphy as hers

His name thereon

As a work of art


A paper knife

For neatness

A careful hand

For posterity


Inside kind words

Penned upon wove

 “Where time gone

Caresses destiny

Is all there is.

I never lived, nor died

I am but make-believe

A mere Judas kiss

Betraying loves flame

Yet for one tick of life’s clock

Let it be known

I was yours,



37 thoughts on “SHE WED THE ZEPHYR

    1. Cheers. You’ve given me an idea. ‘A made-up’ girlfriend. You see back in the day I was forced to make one up when my old Dad upon noticing I hadn’t been seen with a gal for a good while made (as they did in those days) remarks to the effect that he thought his son might be gay. The odd thing was he noticed I’d not had a girlfriend around for a while yet completely missed the fact I was perpetually stoned during my late teens! Whatever, I feel a skit coming on! Thanks for the prompt.

  1. Absolutely enjoy reading your poetry Mike👏👏👏Bravo!
    Its full of imagination..
    Lend me some from your goody bag😄Apparently I lack it(imagination that is)

    1. Thank you. By the way I can say with certainty you do not lack imagination. Additionally you have your own unique writing style; one that I envy for it flows eloquently and with panache ensuring the reader reads on and reads more! Have a fine day

      1. 💗The comment really made my day! I was not really “fishing for complements” but I m utterly grateful for the generosity with which you perceived my attempts at writing☺
        I am certainly having a fine day after what you said just now☺Thank you
        Send my regards to Mrs.Mike there too.Hope she is upto no good there😄Like warning spiders etc.

      2. Mrs Mike is thwarted by the freezing weather and, even now as I write she is clawing the walls of tedium – although she was conversing with a young gull when she took out the rubbish earlier

      3. Haha.Characteristic of her I would say…
        The weather bit is a downer I understand that
        Tell her to to blog just to kill monotony say…Perhaps she would agree😐😃

      4. She’s contemplating causing havoc at a recording studio in construction where there is a need for a screen of sorts to be sewn – they have in their minds she sews yet she doesn’t. Should be fun methinks.

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