Upon the three legged

Wooden stool

In the lantern room

Of the relic lighthouse

The last man standing

Kept the seven seas

In a thimble


Long since Armageddon

Had followed in the wake of

The cataclysm

Not that he could

Recall the event

He had been a mere mite

Back then,

Then, when the vital flame

Had given up the ghost


Within his orange jumpsuit

A subliminally treasured

Parchment of scribbling’s

Containing all the history

That there was –

Not that he knew that


Bereft of language

He spoke within himself

A dialogue of impressions

Some captured from experience

Others from flights of fancy


The miracle of sustenance!

Tinned nourishment aplenty

Sell by dates an

Extraneous cryptograph

A can opener and fork

Coupled with lucky logic

Served to fill his rumbling belly

Yet left to his own devices

And perplexing desires

He fanaticized

All manner of things


One chilly dawn

He chanced upon a telescope

Washed up on the beach

Fathomed its usage

Resolved night-time was best


Then, with the gelding of

The cumulonimbus and

The night sky stripped bare

A salacious heavenly body

Revealed a sensual convex

A sheer white crescent

With nowhere to hide


The ogler, his eye to the lens

As butler to a keyhole

From days of yore, he

Indulged in his intimate longing

Always hankering for

That little bit more


That she would return again

After thirty sleeps, a given.

Even so, there was always

The nagging question

‘Was there ever more than this?’



    1. Time I wrote something akin to humour methinks. Twattersley is bouncing around in my head begging for an outing (not that he’s gay or anything – well if he is he’s not owning up just yet). To the drawing board then!

      1. Writ it – now all that remains is to pluck up the courage to post it tomorrow. What about the hamsters though – I ‘ve taken to the Russian ones you realize!

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