black man white woman 2

The meanderings of

The lost tribe,

They walked

Seasonally repetitive

Perpetually exhausted

Well-trodden avenues

Surviving on the force of habit

Embedded in the DNA

Languid the ramble

Lackadaisical virtuosity

Yet adept for

It sufficed, safety in numbers

Safety in the philosophy

Of the ‘before’

Nourishment always assured

In all a fruitful collective life

Albeit it an antonym of

All that is spontaneous


Eons gone

Same-o, same-o

Then came the day

A mischievous daughter

Of the tribe

Took an exclusive decision

To ignore the tiresome

‘Parental lead’ habit

And to take

A lonesome path

Toward pastures new


Dust storms later

She found unlikely love

In the eyes of a man

He, of similar breed

Save he was coloured black

She white


Born of their immaculate union

A blessed mongrel of peace


Centuries later

When the totemic twain

Had followed suit

The obnoxious

Purity of race

Meant nothing.

Coffee now not just

The drink of choice, coffee

Now the ubiquitous

Hue of all skin


It was then that

The world became

A better place, triggered

Generations previous

When black and white

Were first as one



16 thoughts on “AN IMMACULATE UNION

  1. artfully sublime treatment of a profoundly important subject – miscegenation is the universal human condition – as every breed of dog is derived from the wolf, so, too, are each and every one of us a “blessed mongrel” – I’m proud to call you a friend

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