On days the weather

Was set fair, and

As the fancy took her

The temptation of her

Secluded garden

Held sway over all else


Clogs a must

Unusually an umbrella

Of exotic pattern also

Plus her trademark

Shades and beret

Yet naught else

Not a stitch


While she planted and pruned

Dug and raked

Preoccupied and

Oblivious to the world

I would settle in my deck chair

Sip Darjeeling and

Nibble upon lemon drizzle offerings

Casting aside Hemingway

Taking in the view


Since the day

Back when the

Roving bumble bee

Cruelly in my view

Stung her butt

My tameless one now

Drapes herself in

Cheesecloth and

Oriental beads

While I re-read

The maestro


    1. I’d never let her near my Hemingway’s for they – albeit re-read many times – are pristine whereas Shirley’s massive book collection are, each and every one dogeared and tatty. She can’t help it – even with library books!

  1. Hmmm… so you’re telling us that Shirl now has uneven tan lines? πŸ˜‰ I’m glad it was lemon and not honey you dripped in that tea, or I’d have feared you lured the bee there on purpose!

    1. Ah the lovely Rachel. We were talking about you just the other morning when driving past Dover Castle and the shaft of light on the backdrop sea saying you’d love to take a photo. The natural effect of the light was not unlike the aura you have in your wedding shots! Anyway this little poem was about events long gone but always remembered fondly, yet as Paul commented I wish in hindsight I had a swatter! What fun I would have had! How the devil are you anyway?

      1. I have one more week’s worth of antibiotics, and I hope by then I’ll be good as new. I’ve just started a new job I didn’t plan on, so I’m figuring out how to rearrange my time blogging, writing and juggling everything else. I miss talking to you! Is Shirl getting excited about moving in time to get the garden ready for spring?

      2. Glad you’re on the mend. Awful thing having to deal with family issues when feeling ill. Anyhow onward and upwards I say. She certainly wants to get torn in to gardening I can tell you. What’s the job then?

    1. That is an interesting slant on a question being asked a lot these days…best I have a word with the wife. She’d be mortified to discover her arse may be the cause of the bees demise as she rather likes them!

      1. Should she be so mortified to know that where Hellen of Troy was able to inspire the building of 1000 ships, her indoors’ arse has inspired an endeavor to save the entire population of the planet.

  2. Very nicely written. I should bring back one of my early efforts sans bee stings. But never throw away Hemingway just to watch a bee sting an arse. Maybe to watch an arse crush a bee, that would be worth setting Hemingway aside for a few moments.

    1. Thanks for that. The odd thing is my wife adores bees! She spends a lot of summer time chatting with them and even makes sure she has bee friendly plants to attract them…indeed wants a hive in our new garden! Yet in terms of writers there is none better than Hemingway, a genius and so economical with words.

      1. I totally agree about Hemingway. Drawing bees to the garden is a good idea, but then chatting with them? I don’t know about that part, having had my share of stings over the years. We had hives on our farm so we could harvest the honey, until our son almost died as a result of being attacked by thousands of bees. He lived, the hives were taken away by a friend, and I read Hemingway to my son who was too young to understand him at the time.

        Thank you for the follow.

      2. I do hope your son made a full recovery. The bee thing is is a bit odd – my wife heralds from the West Country where the population are mainly of ancient Celtic descent, white witchery is breed into them and talking with the bees is worth checking out on Google you see folklore has it that you have to tell bees about births, marriages and deaths etc. or else they run away and give their honey to another! She tells me it’s true yet as an old atheist I question her logic – that’s generally when she hits me about the head with a rolled up newspaper no less! But yes Hemingway is perhaps the only author I can read and read again…my favourite? A Moveable Feast! Best of luck – if I miss your blogs over the next week or so it is because we are moving house and I won’t have the internet back until the 11th March!

      3. My son made a full recovery and is now immune to bee stings. I think I will definitely Google the folklore of the Celtics, because I am 1/2 Celt, 1/2 German. No comment on the rolled up newspaper thingy since I do want to keep you as a follower, LOL. And good luck on the move. My favorite Hemingway is always the one I’m reading at the moment, and I just pull one off the shelf at random, so it’s always hard to say at any given time. Most of my reading is done in summertime, and crocheting afghans in winter while I stay warm under them.

      4. I think afghans should be the order of the day here in Hellfire corner in South East England for it has been so very cold for weeks now as the easterly blows in from the Steppes of Mother Russia! I’ve been clad in rather unfashionable thermals since before Christmas! I shall pick up on your blog upon my return. Best of luck!

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