To blow up the wrong viaduct

In the wrong country

In the wrong war

I accept was my transgression

An inadvertent lapse

Worthy of, perhaps

An internment

Maybe a year or two

Banged up with my peers

Yet I find myself declared

A lunatic, and notwithstanding

My sobriety and lucidity

An asylum, a

Madhouse by any other name

Is now my eternal home


A little on the rich side of

Fair in my book


Here though, in this

Below stairs facility of

Subjugation, chipped enamel

Plates and mugs

Dirty finger food for

Dirty fingers only

The tribulation of

Washhouse humiliations

Where masochistic attendants

Offer prayers, horsewhips and

Sodomy in equal measure

Where rats piddle

Inmates dribble

Some naked in straightjackets

Others dressed to the nines

Twirling to a dance

Only they can hear

I watch in awe


It is, I find too easy to

Grudge the crazed unhinged

Their benumbed situation

Whether forged within the womb or

By temporal fabrication

Whatever, natures

Dereliction an impromptu state of

Non compos mentis

Astonishes me still for

They take all in their stride,

Unperturbed by events that

Leave me quaking in my boots

(albeit my boots long since ‘lost’)


Whatever, and to the point

Regarding my plight

Please understand I

Care not a jot now

All will be well again

For tonight, this very night

They anoint me by

Imperious blade

Upon stooped shoulders

Lord of the Constellations




  1. What with our house move (that’s be dragging on since last May) finally taking shape for next week plus the prospect that we shall no longer be surrounded by a maze of boxes I am a tad demob happy. At times like this a certain lunacy born of a lifelong confusion in respect of all that is new takes hold. That being the case I thought I would make this an insanity week for my blog!

  2. That’s a bit good that one. I like the voice, and the rhyme, half rhyme – would be fun to read out.

    Do you like all the Tyburn Tree, Newgate gaol history? The wide space outside Old Bailey is where the public gallows stood, I’m full of such rot, pulling your leg etcet

    1. A weird one – or at least that’s what she tells me! Sorry I haven’t been able to comment on your last couple of Sunday evening posts; I do enjoy a bit of banter with you. My problem presently is finding time for just about anything since the ‘on/off’ house ‘sale of this one’; ‘purchase of next’ one has had more twists than Chubby Checker and we are living surrounded by boxes of stuff to move. Still she’s left me to my own devices this evening meaning I can have a jolly good blog!

    1. Victorian times were not times to for one to be ‘touched with the funny brush’ and be treated with due respect. Bedlam in particular and also Bethlem (an East End take on Bethlehem) was arguably the worst asylum of all.

      1. Are you in Scotland? If so you have a much better legal system when it comes to property. A right pain in the bum getting people to agree exchange of contracts and completion dates in this neck of the woods. Only this very day stupidity caused another small yet time consuming hitch. If only they were all mad then they’d see! Having said all that I trust you are settled in and the memories of moving long since filed away!

      2. Yes I am there Mike and I know how awful it can be down South from various pals. We still had torture trying to rake around for a small mortgage. I mean I got standards! But we are settled in now and getting on with putting the place on its feet but moving is not something I would recommend to anyone.

      3. Shirley adores moving; I hate it. She loves decorating and stuff; I point blank refuse such tasks as I am both useless and also there is a certain tedium about them I cannot stand. They say opposites attract and boy has she been in her element of late. Aside from my shoulder injury she this very day packing away like a good’un poked me in the eye – accidentally – with an owl carved bookend she was boxing up. Such is life! She’s a bloody whirlwind.

      4. Well, better a whirlwind than a dead dodo. I don’t like moving but we were never gonna pay off the mortgage on that house and it was far too bloody big for us. The heating bills were worse than a mortgage every month and it was still fecking like living at the North Pole. So we really had no choice. (Tho the down size…the downsize is one room and one loo less….) So maybe I should shut up now

      5. ‘Better a whirlwind than a dead dodo’ – there’s a poem there you know! You are right though. Oddly we are downsizing to a bigger house if that makes sense. We worked out that our son won’t be able to afford to move out for an age and wanted a place where he could have his own flat at the top which we found in a place not as posh as this place – hence it is thousands cheaper. Plus I like the cosmopolitan feel and cafes in the new area. You’ve got me on the heating though – another bloody bill to pay!

    1. OMG as my internet crashed I also thought that line could be a poem ( , perty crappy) Anyway to go back to down sizing. We were also sick of the offspring bleating doon the fecking phone, so nicely, we would say come by and we will help you wi the bairn today. Next thing we were also helping the offspring’s mates in terms of our food, heating coffee, tea, being unable to sit on a fecking chair in the own legally appointed front room of oor oose we were paying through the neb AND were bankrupting ourselves for. But this house….this house is ours…

      1. It’s a difficult one is offspring. Got 4 of them – 3 long gone and a lot older than the one we are left with. However, this one is more like me in the he takes things literally with the world inside his head rather than the regular world outside the head. He’s no bother – just got a 1st in music – doesn’t drink or swear even. Sometimes when composing he forgets to eat for days on end; other times he’d eat next doors St Bernard. Pleasantly insane is this one! God I ramble on!

  3. WOW! This was so strong and commanding! Beautifully written, as always. I’ve been away from the computer most of the week (as you may have noticed)… Was this about something that was in the news recently or just what happened to be swirling around in your head? Whatever the case, it’s remarkable! (Oh, and YAY about the move!) 😀

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