Siren, sweet muse of the abyss

Sing your beguiling lullaby

For this seafarer adrift

Charm him

Bewitch him

Raise him from his

Precarious fatigue

Let him see

Through the mist

That fret that obscures, and

For just this once

Do not cause

His vessel to wreck or

Claim his raddled cadaver

As your own, but

Guide both it and him

Homeward bound


Too much to ask?

I will say not a

Word to your sisters

Our little secret

Will be quite safe


And what of me?

Do you not remember

Me from before?

That you hitherto

Fed on my flesh and

Erased remembrance

Almost an insult, a

Slander in song yet

It matters not


It is said that lightening

Does not strike twice so

Do this one thing

Prove the rule and

I shall return to

Whisk you off your feet

Take you to Vienna

Waltz you to the

Refrain of Lanner and

Strauss, in a landlocked

Opulent hunting ground

Far away from

Prosaic crashing waves


So you accede

To my request!

Then so be it

Our destiny is sealed

Take this poesy of

Vestal wild primroses

As a token and

Hereinafter treasure a

New found fleeting

Essence, and know

The days of fables

Are no more







21 thoughts on “THE PASSING OF A MYTH

      1. You know, honestly, when I left that comment earlier, I really had no idea what to write so I just wrote that one thinking ‘well, he’ll make of it what he will’. If you want to take it as an insinuation of you being ancient, well…

      2. When one gets to 108 years one tends to focus on words like ‘ancient’! Although not so ancient that I will refrain from my Friday evening of Chateaux La Plonk and minute now! I’m off to France and Belgium for the day on Tuesday as it happens buying lots of wine – stocks are running low you see…just thought you’d like to know.

    1. Thank you – you see I am invincible; even a siren can’t resist me. I am of course the consummate liar! Such is life for an old fool – although Shirl did call me an old twat only moments ago for forgetting which way to turn the key when trying to open the front door – she forgets I’m left handed and have always struggled with such things.

      1. Cheers…I think my favourite Russian hamster would like to say ‘invincible’ – it’s made for the appropriate number of ‘e’s’ – it’s getting the number of ‘e’s’ right where you have the gift you know

      1. She seems a good sort with a sense of humour – I hope. Still she’s not my Svetlana – although Shirl and I did spot her just the other day now working in a new start cafe. My muse is back!

    1. Cheers young Rachel – Shirl and George have made me put them all on a memory stick but insofar as all the work on which ones are rubbish and which ones are half decent I can’t see me getting round to that presently. At least they are all in one place for the grandchildren one day to take a look and say my granddad was off his head!

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