Within the walk-on

Guises of impulse and

As rampant alcoholics

To a leaking still

Dripping its premature

Condensed yet

Blinding vapour

The hooked horde gather


Within the cavalcade

They fight

Amongst themselves

For first dibs


When pushed to save

Their illicit find

As one collective

They will fight

To the death the

Abstinent prudes

Seeking to liberate


They are humanity

Negligently they

Disregard that

They are all

One and the same


Determined by

Hour and day

By creed and colour

By East and West

By temple or meadow

They gather in synch

To play, pray and fight

To feast their own eyes

And to follow the empyrean

Offering up canticles

Of adoration and deference

To the absolute

Lone wolf within


What have you done?

Can you not see?

Why the need to

Gather as one?

My solemn rogation


Here, there and everywhere

Fire and brimstone

Purgatory on Planet Earth

And all for the

Pipe dream of longing for

The fellowship of

Far-fetched conviction


How hopeless,

How blinkered is

The tribalism of man



32 thoughts on “THE LONE WOLF WITHIN

  1. From the first line, within the walk-in, I was briefly tempted to think this was about a fight in a women’s clothing store over an article of clothing. It is, in fact, much deeper. Beautiful piece.

      1. There is a congressman in Idaho (U.S.) who thinks that women should be able to swallow a camera for their gynecological exam. You are right to have lost faith in humanity.

      2. As they say in London, ‘You’re having a laugh!’ I reckon I could write a skit on that theme i.e. male ignorance of the female body. Indeed I did one an age ago about a Victorian Doctor diagnosing all women patients as having the vapours no matter what was wrong with them!
        However, and back on topic I trust it wasn’t the husband of Ms Palin – she who thought Europe was a country!

      3. My very favourite quote from Ms Palin is, by the way, “But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies.” Mind, one is overwhelmed with choices!

      4. Rest assured that here in UK we have more than our fair share of total idiot politicians! The very right wing ‘nasty piece of work’ leader of UKIP recently went electioneering pre the General Election in May in the wrong constituency to the one he is actually standing for MP in!

      5. I agree – I’m having one of those days as our property move, running since last May seems to be doomed because of two eccentric old ladies who are making our live’s a living hell. Plus they’ve cost us a small fortune with more to come. There’s mad (like I am) and mad!

    1. Don’t get me on to the subject of rush hour trains – luckily not relevant in my life these days. The manners of people on trains reveals just how far the human race has sunk!

      1. I remember once offering my seat to a pregnant lady on a crowded train who looked me up and down as if I was dirt and declined my offer – one cannot win on trains methinks!

  2. In Almost Iowa, you got your Ford bars your Chevy bars where the tribes are divided by brand loyalties. If you need to scratch an itch to fight, you walk into the wrong bar and yell, “Chevy trucks suck!”

  3. Brilliantly expressing the disillusionment of the thinking man with the sheepish, non-thinking herd mentality that has become the human condition

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