From the vantage point

Of orbit

Over the course of

One whole day

I had seen

With my own ‘eyes’

Every woman

Alive on Earth

Old, young,

Fat, thin,

Beautiful and less so

Some in all their glory!


Fool that I am

Fell in love

With one and all


Sadly though

I felt it unseemly

To allow my feelings

To become

Common knowledge


You see I am an

Eight-eyed alien

Contrived of blubber

From another world

Far, far away


I would like to say

(Rather it would be

for the best)

That the Earth gals

Would not give me

A second glance

Although that, I know

Is not the case


Just last evening

I landed my craft

Took a stroll

Into a nearby town


At the very sight

Of me

The gals all

Screamed and

Ran away

And the menfolk

Took pot shots


If only they knew

I lit the match

Of their very being

A long, long time ago


27 thoughts on “CONTRIVED OF BLUBBER

  1. Fine, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Just don’t stare at me! Just the thought of, “All eyes fixed on me” makes me want to curl up and hide.
    I just had a different picture of you in my head, that’s all.

      1. Haha! Another lifetime! It takes me same amount of time to be the “perfect” person as well. Oh well, in the meantime, enjoy this lifetime! 😉

      2. Crikey I’ve just lost another eye and if I’m not mistaken think I might have shed another couple of stone in weight – I’d like to say things are looking up yet given my feet are on my back I get to look up most of the time…that’s why they don’t let me have shoelaces…can’t do them up you see!

  2. Ah! How refreshing! A new creationist theory has been born and I like this one the best so far (although I am not keen on being watched – whether clothed or not)

    1. Sadly I can never resist the odd ribald bit! But then being all knowing I guess he (actually why did I make him a he…slipped up there!) has x-ray vision better than a super hero!

    1. Now you know how I feel all the time regarding PC type things – ’tis all so very complicated. Having said that for the last few days when I reply to a comment the little wheel thing just spins and spins in a state of perpetual motion. Having aborted the replying mission I find that the reply has (or seems to have) been long since sent. It’ll do it now so as to whether this comment touches base is a matter of conjecture!

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