gypsy girl

Swathed in fairground bling

Beguilingly fine tuning her

Regalia to more than just tease

Prurient cleavage primed

She whispers a temporary adieu

To her caravan of memories and

Plants a kiss upon the head of

Her steadfast castoff cob


With the risqué slink of a fallen

Angel our flirtatious zingara

Pays little heed to the legions of

Gentry, blue-collars and shysters

Queuing as far as the eye can see

Down the country lane and beyond

Just to catch the merest glimpse of

Her much fabled racy carriage and

Her hawking of the tastiest ripe fruit

This side of an erogenous wonderland


It troubles her that there is always

Such a fuss when she pops off to

The public library to take out a new

‘Who Done It’ to read of an evening!


26 thoughts on “A TEMPORARY ADIEU

  1. Imagine that! I’d always hang out at the library in college. Besides that it’s cool inside with the airconditioner cos outside it’s hot, I get to ogle at boys – with sense! Once I stalked this boy just to know what he’s into and books he checks out! Turns out, almost does it for homework’s sake!

  2. Love the surprising ending here 🙂 she could be the girl next door or the one living down the street, indeed every girl/woman (and boy/man) has a place in erogenous wonderland

    1. Crikey if she were the girl next door I don’t think my wife would let me out of the house! By the way my wife and I have befriended a young Croatian girl married to an Englishman we meet regularly in our local cafe. I find her tales – like your blog – of Croatia, its history and politics most fascinating!

    1. Oddly you have hit the nail on the head! You must be telepathic! For this very day I shall post a note saying that as we are moving house next week I shall have to stop blogging for a short time – under order from my wife!

    1. Just spotted this. Only got WordPress back today because I messed it up yesterday mucking about with this new smartphone thing they got me. Hell’s teeth it needs me recall passwords for everything so in the absence of any recollection of said passwords I was forced to guess what they might be…guessed wrong and want my old simple breeze block of a mobile back! Still trust you are keeping well and will get round to some proper blog reading when ‘she who must be obeyed’ allows me a day off shifting and opening boxes. As to the award I thank you sincerely yet as I don’t ever want to be taken seriously please do not be offended when I decline…there are, regardless some serious writers out there who deserve it more than me. Having said that it was a splendid thought you nominating me and that has rather made my day! Thank you.

      1. Oh believe me if I say I totally understand and to be quite honest I knew you would decline but I nominated you so that the curious could click on the link and be blessed. They (awards) are just so much work really, but being a new blog myself, they do bring in much needed traffic – although I have been known to talk to myself… Glad you are back. I do not have a smart phone because I have no idea what to do with them, so good luck

      2. Why oh why have they got me this bloody phone? Even taken my quite serviceable old one (one that served as a defensive weapon I might add) away and left me confused and bewildered I do not know! It’ll take me days to work this out and it is still refuses passwords I’ve made up…thinks…probably because I made them up!

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